Meet Camille

Every once in a while, a sub comes along who takes his desire for public humiliation to a new level. While other “men” who share this fetish can do nothing more that share dull, faceless pictures of themselves wearing a g-string, this extreme sub relishes in an ever-increasing number of eyes running across every inch of his body. His excitement is contingent upon his identity being revealed and his secrets exposed. His thirst for shame cannot be satiated.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Camille.

This is not the first time I’ve exposed him nor am I the first woman to do it. To call Camille an “attention whore” would be an understatement. He has paid thousands of dollars to have pictures and videos of himself dressed like a fruitcake and engaging in gay sex spread across the internet time and time again. He has a history of “pretending to be straight” by dating poor unsuspecting women who have no idea that he was stuffing his mouth with cock every second their back was turned. Of course he loves playing with fire by giving me their contact info as well.


I felt it was time to give Camille exactly what he deserves: a thorough exposure video. One that includes all his pictures, a cam show where I humiliate him ruthlessly, and some footage of him doing what he does best: taking big black cock in his mouth and ass with my name written all over him.

Here’s a taste:

Pathetic isn’t he? See the full video here


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5 Responses to Meet Camille

  1. Anodyne says:

    Am I alone in feeling that this clip needs much more Ceara face time and much less Camille?

    • cearalynch says:

      Did you actually buy the full clip or are you just complaining about something you watched for free?

      • Anodyne says:

        I apologize if that came across as a complaint. That is not at all what I intended; I meant it to be complimentary of you and to be funny.

        Clip is bought to show my sincerity. Your smirk is priceless; naturally I just want to see more of it. 🙂

  2. Hugh G. Rection says:

    lol… these are some pathetic little pseudo men. My hat’s off to you for exploiting them and capitalizing on their flaws. Weakness should never be coddled, it should be stomped out like a fucking bug.

  3. Rhys says:

    Fair play to you for doing what you do, I never thought this kind of stuff was possible well done for being a successful business woman I’m just like woah to how strange people’s fetishes can be

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