When I was 17 years old I sold a 12 oz bottle of my urine and a pair of my worn pantyhose to a random fetishist online. It immediately occurred to me that there must be more men like him, and therefor, opportunities to make cash within a world that fascinated me since I first read Savage Love when I was 14 years old. Today I run a lucrative business exploiting the bizarre kinks of men around the world through homemade clips, cam shows, phone service, and selling my used panties (among other things.) Its paid for college, bought me 2 houses, kept my debt at 0, and made my life about as interesting and leisurely as I could have ever hoped for. When I’m not working, you can usually find me running, listening to podcasts, taking classes, or reading about psychology, philosophy and skepticism. Follow me @cearalynch.

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  1. unworthy

    Her Highness Princess Ceara is an Icon and a Legend of this scene.

    we kneel and bow our heads in awe.

  2. Katy

    I met you in 2005 through Jimm. Since visiting you’re place I’ve been a fan (you had dildos all over the place!). Not that I could ever do what you do but still a fan, non then less. I would love for you to write a book. If you ever want to grab a drink or something I’d love it!!

  3. mike

    Sorry 2 disappoint u guys but all these findoms are simply mimicking behaviour they have witnessed in order to make money. They enjoy the money only and likely hate the rest. They have zero care for the men and likely view them simply as creeps who deserve it anyway. They have not thought of anything original, it is obvious that gcupbitch did make it more mainstream but the likes of bratty nikki just copied the most successful findoms before her in order to make as much as possible. Literally any old twat could do it, the only qualification needed is to be a slim young woman preferably with attractive accent and cute face. The amount of money they make is simply because of how wrong the system is for men in general.

    1. 518sub

      Mike why are you here?

      Most businesses mimic businesses before them in order to make money.

      I’m certain they enjoy the money but doubt they hate the rest. If they hated it that much I’m sure a few would stay in it, but most would be so repulsed by it that no amount money would keep them in it.

      As far as original thoughts, I also disagree. Most is repurposed material but how many findoms have you seen eat gummy bears (for example)?

      Any old twat could do it? Hardly.

      You need more than a pretty face. How about they need to be tech savvy enough to produce a clip, edit it, publish it, promote it, monitor piracy and know enough about copy right law to pursue legal action.

      The amount of money they make is due to their ability to provide a service that men are willing to pay for. Fantasy fulfillment.

      If it floats your boat go for a ride. If not jump ship.

  4. Mistress A.

    After finding you through your interview on Radiotopia (I think that was the podcast), I’ve been quite impressed with you and you’re one of the doms who inspired me to start pursuing a career as a professional dominatrix. I’d love to chat with you about it, if ever was possible.

  5. marco vidal

    I really love your carrer.. i like this is bussines for you but at the same time you make thousand of people happy every day just existing..

    i live in mexico. one of the 100 things i have to do in my life no matter when is meet you in person..

    i love cats too.

    be happy . you are great Señorita Ceara Lynch

  6. Jorge

    Forever I will be slave of the smallest hair yours

    If economically, I could travel to you, I prostrate before your royal feet, I kneel before your imperial presence and I would be slave forever and always, even the smallest of your hair, Oh, Goddesses Divine Sometimes I imagined women (including dolls, fembots, gimbots, transsexuals are now women, etc.) as almighty, including magical powers. Able to begiants, to lengthen each and every one of vsus hairs, moving them as arms and legs, moving hairs, take with them what they want, as if they were strings, like articulated enough that the smallest their hair, to enslave all the infinite. Si económicamente pudiera viajar hasta ti, me arrodillaría ante vuestra Imperial Presencia, me postraría ante vuestros Reales Pies, y sería esclavo por/para siempre, hasta del más pequeño de vuestros pelos; Oh, Sus Divinas Diosa. Muchas veces me he imaginado a las chicas, mujeres, seres femeninos (Incluyendo gimbots, fembots, transexuales operadas(el a ella) y/o naturales, muñecas, aliens, /s decir que tengan forma de mujer)), como seres todopoderosas, incluso en el más pequeño de sus pelos. Poderes mágicos, extraordinaria fuerza, invulnerabilidad todo tipo de poderes imaginables e inimaginables. Capaces de volverse gigantescas, de mover todos y cada uno de sus pelos, como para atar, proteger y/o esclavizar a todo el infinito

  7. sandwichinmypocket

    Not sure if you even read or respond to these but I’ve always enjoyed your blog because it’s smart and moreover shows that there is a human being/human person? behind all the production and the videos..like you come across as a grounded, reasonable, nice person and being a submissive myself, it’s just nice to see things from the other side 🙂

    But well this is kind of random but I was just wondering what your views on more taboo things like Raceplay? I am an Indian man and I do enjoy raceplay but I have to admit my own political views are so left of centre (studied history, now pursuing anthropology) that its a strange thing to get off to. I do get the logic of people being put off by raceplay. It’s always an interesting question- where do you draw the line? Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thank you.


    I’d like to speak with you about your craft. I’ve been approached by a “white whale” persay who had developed an interest in financial domination and who had asked for my assistance with such. He approached me because he accidentally came upon me learning bdsm at an event that out of curiosity he attended. However, I have no experience in financial domination. After reading your blog I am interested in picking your brain. I’m not interested in creating clips as seen in your link, but learning more that can contribute to what Mr. K is looking for in terms of his fetish would help. He’s not looking for sexual gratification but more of the humiliation of being used by me as aeasy to test the waters of his fetish. I would like to learn more and so I’m willing to try to aid him in the beginning of his journey.

  9. Greg Stumpff

    Hey Ceara Lynch. My name is Greg Stumpff. I can tell by reading your blog here that you have a conscience. Please check out the posts and videos on my Facebook timeline when you get a chance. It’s very important, as in your salvation may be at stake. God bless you.

    Here is the link: https://m.facebook.com/greg.stumpff.52

    Alternatively, here is my email address, in case Facebook takes my page down again.


    Once again, God bless you. I really mean that.


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