I took some pictures of some of the gifts I’ve been getting in the mail lately. I can’t remember who bought what but I know some of the losers include piss slut, happy dresser boy and my newest loser the oxford reject, I call him that because Oxford is the college he goes to. Hahahaha.

New DVDs! I bet you losers wish you could be have as sexy as Jack Bauer. Unlikely!

A new bar set to go with all My new booze.

Clothes from Forever 21.

Hello kitty boom box to replace the broken one in My kitchen. So cute!

Shoes shoes shoes. All you idiots want to buy Me is shoes.

Some of you may have noticed I have a few of these on My wish list. They’re called ugly dolls and yes I’m collecting them. I think it only makes sense that the ugly losers I collect online should have to pay for them.

And My favorite gift I got this week…

My new cam from oxford reject! Dont you just love this picture? It’s like I’m filming one of you dumb sluts saying “C’mon loser, do that stupid thing you do that always makes Me laugh, I’m going to show My girlfriends later!” Hahahaha, cha right! keep dreamin’!

oxford reject also recently bought Me a brand new Nintendo Wii! He was suppose to come online yesterday to buy more games but he never did. What the fuck loser?? For everyday you blow Me off it’s going to be another $100 that I will rape from you next time I see you. Fuck you!