Princess cat fight! HISSS!!!

This is TOO funny.

So, recently this little sissy freak show by the name of fagarella, who I’ve been talking to off and on for about 6 months now, sends me this video of himself working out all dressed up in his wig, make-up and “i swallow” shirt. Fagarella doesnt have a lot of money so he tries to make up for it basically by acting like a giant whore and doing anything for any girl that will give him the time of day. Keep this in mind because it’s important to the story. Fagarella is a HUGE slut who bounces from princess to princess. “Loyalty” is not in this loser’s vocabulary.

Here’s a picture:

So, fagarella send me this workout video, right? I post it on youtube for people to laugh at. Out of no where some random domme I’ve never even heard of comes in and comments on my journal with this:

You do know that fagarella video you downloaded on you tube is MINE, don’t you?

Curious, I goto her journal. Lo and behold, an entire entry dedicated to ME! Including pictures, a link to My youtube page, and all sorts of writing about what a big thieving whore I am. How sweet, right? I would link you to it, except Im not retarded enough to advertise some bitter domme who has beef with Me. So I left her this comment:

HAHAHAHA, how can I steal something that was given to me? And more than likely to DOZENS of other dommes online? Bitter much? Oh, and thanks for the free advertisement.

and she replies..

You are a moron and a fucking liar. He did not give that to you I spoke to him and I taped that myself, hmm why don’t you look throughout my journal where you got it and you will see I have several of him going WAY back. SO I suggest you stop being a thief and take that video off your youtube.

Didnt give Me the video? Really? Then how did I find it? I LOVE how she believes what fagarella told her, when he does nothing but make stuff up constantly. And unlike most other catty, angry dommes, I dont spend My time with My nose up the ass of every other domme online, trying to sniff out what they had for breakfast. The only time I ever goto another domme site is if it’s well designed so that I might be inspired. Her website looks like shit so its no surprise I’ve never been there.

So anyway, I sent her the entire conversation between fagarella and I the day he sent Me the video to prove it was given to Me. She replies back with her feathers all ruffled up, squawking about how the video is on her website so therefor it’s hers. Yes, well, you be sure and let your lawyer know, k princess? I probably would have taken it down if you asked nicely and explained the misunderstanding. But you chose to be a cunt. your subs may respond well to that but I don’t. Plus I’m really curious and amused to see how far you’ll go to claim this little fag video as yours and only yours.

Sadly, right now fagarella is probably creaming his panties over all this virtual hair-pulling and pillow whippings.

Anyway… here’s the video!! I think I’m going to edit my website name into it and see if this chick’s head explodes. Hahahaha!!

flufferbunny72: Princess Ceara are You online?
Ceara Lynch: yep
flufferbunny72: i sent You a myspace message You are being trashed by some idiot!
Ceara Lynch: another princess?
flufferbunny72: Yes!
Ceara Lynch: Im already on it
Ceara Lynch: read My livejournal
flufferbunny72: Oh
Ceara Lynch: for the WHOLE story
flufferbunny72: Looking now
flufferbunny72: hahahaha
flufferbunny72: You so rock!
Ceara Lynch: I know right?
flufferbunny72: But want to really blow her away stupid idiot!
flufferbunny72: Not only are u right about fagarella
flufferbunny72: But he is in some other dommes journal and he told her hes working on NF to pay HER!
flufferbunny72: So i dont think hes owned
flufferbunny72: Some domme in Australia
flufferbunny72: shes retarded!
Ceara Lynch: no, he is no where NEAR owned
Ceara Lynch: you talk to that guy for 5 seconds and you can tell he’s a slut
Ceara Lynch: which makes it all the more funny that he managed to convince this bitch that she “owns” him, hahahaha
flufferbunny72: HAHAHAHAHA
flufferbunny72: But the thing is i REMEMBER YOU posted him in YOUR blog like 6 months ago WAY BEFORE she met him!
Ceara Lynch: haha oh really?
flufferbunny72: Yes remember
flufferbunny72: In Your myspace blog
Ceara Lynch: well, yeah, I remember.. but I dont know how long shes been talking to him
flufferbunny72: Well i dunno her but hes only been in her blog a few months
flufferbunny72: If that
flufferbunny72: i would comment but she wouldnt put it through i am sure
Ceara Lynch: yeah, no doubt
Ceara Lynch: she deleted the comments I left her
flufferbunny72: JEALOUS!
Ceara Lynch: so I just posted them on my page instead
flufferbunny72: Well i am sure You have more traffic
Ceara Lynch: no doubt
flufferbunny72: Yeah well You know i always have Your back You sooo rock
flufferbunny72: But for this idiot to attack You over fagarella is sooo stupid!
Ceara Lynch: tell Me about it. what a loon.
flufferbunny72: hes SUCH a BIG PAYER! hahha
flufferbunny72: i remember him from c hat years ago
flufferbunny72: hes an idiot
flufferbunny72: Oh wait till i show You this
Ceara Lynch: ok
flufferbunny72: OMG You can make her look like such an idiot!
Ceara Lynch: show me!!
flufferbunny72: i’m looking!
Ceara Lynch: ok
flufferbunny72: i will find it!
flufferbunny72: HAHAHA
flufferbunny72: Got it
flufferbunny72: Get ready to really own her!
Ceara Lynch: show me!
flufferbunny72: OK she put fagarella on Niteflirt
flufferbunny72: AND even spent money calling him!
flufferbunny72: HAHAHAHAHA
flufferbunny72: 5 stars you are such a dick sucking fag. You love cock in your mouth don’t you homo? haha keep making that money for Princess (ME!)
flufferbunny72: OK read that
flufferbunny72: Nov.5
flufferbunny72: NOW
flufferbunny72: Check this out!
flufferbunny72: By the way he has a -2 rating he made no money haha
Ceara Lynch: hahaha
flufferbunny72: ANOTHER Domme i never heard of from Australia
flufferbunny72: Posted this on the SAME DAY!
flufferbunny72: i am currently chatting to fagarella, a pathetic sissy from melbourne. he is too broke to call me so is making pathetic attempts to pimp himself out on niteflirt in order to earn the money he needs to speak to me. so far his attempts are failing miserably.
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHA!
flufferbunny72: Saying hes working on NF for HER!
Ceara Lynch: dude, I already KNOW hes not.. he had that niteflirt page up already when I first started talking to him
flufferbunny72: Oh i didnt know that
Ceara Lynch: yep
flufferbunny72: hahahah
flufferbunny72: she was bragging SHE was pimping him out! hahah
Ceara Lynch: thats his little whore page and he goes around asking any domme who will talk to him to “pimp him out:”
Ceara Lynch: hahahah so funny
flufferbunny72: And she attacks You over that!
flufferbunny72: i bet shes frustrated cause she has no slaves
flufferbunny72: Stupid idiot!
Ceara Lynch: yep, and I stole her best one! LOL!
flufferbunny72: HAHAHAHAHA
flufferbunny72: What a joke!
flufferbunny72: Shes so proud she has his videos she didnt know he slutted! hahah