hey oinkers,

Monique and I had a splendid time last Friday. We got pretty tipsy taking shots of rum and fucking with you losers on the phone and on cam. We made a video answering some of the questions you losers left Us, but My half of the tape is all fucked! I dont know why but the audio seriously lags of out sync with the video. I’ve had this problem a lot using My stupid camera, one of you idiots is going to have to buy Me a new one for xmas! Anyway, I know Mo’s half of the interview will be put up on her clips4sale store pretty soon. As for Mine I will have to redo it this week by Myself on My web cam. Who woulda guessed a webcam would be more reliable for making videos than a camera that’s twice as expensive?? I dont get it.

I’ve been busy a lot lately but that all changed last week when I finished My finals for school. Horra! I’m on break for the next few weeks. Which means a lot more time to exploit you mindless fucks!

Oh, and speaking a mindless fucks, I had fun chatting with “Tom Paris” last night. He’s just a stupid wanker who never tributes, but last night he was SOOO drunk, letting anyone and everyone watch him jerk off on cam and taking requests. He would ask Me not to take screen shots, and even though I told him I was going to anyway, he did whatever I told him to! What an idiot! Check this out:

This morning he messages Me again with no recollection of last night and asks Me why My name was written on his chest, HAHAHA!! I showed him these pictures and then made him pay Me $75 not to post them. Naturally he sent a gift card right away. But I guess I’m posting them anyway.