Hate mail

It never fails to amaze Me how stupid people are.. I just received the most ridiculous hate mail ever! I know it must seem like a focus a lot on the negatively I receive but that’s only because I love drama. So bear with Me here… Last Christmas, as some of you all know, Monique and I got together and sold really nasty cookies on ebanned. We put all sorts of fucked up shit in there, spit, piss, floor sweepings, drain hair, semen… the list goes on. We made a video of the whole process (can be found here: clips4sale.com/studio/16312) and edited down to a teaser for the auction. Everyone who bid got a cookie and a copy of the video. Here’s a copy of the description I wrote:

“Princess Monique and I got together recently and made some holiday cookies for all you LOSERS!! We know the holidays can be a lonely time when you dont have any friends or family that care about you, so We were sweet enough to sell you some holiday cheer! You would not BELIEVE what We put in these cookies. Monique and I agree they are by far the most nastiest, disgusting cookies EVER sold on ebanned. Watch the video to see just a sample of the gross ingredients We put in there!! Buy a cookie and get the ENTIRE unedited video! We couldnt stop laughing thinking about how you dumb losers are not only going to eat these puke cookies, but buy them too!! How pathetic can you get?? HAHAHA!!”

Pretty straight foward, right? Well, earlier today I went and left positive feedback to everyone that bid and paid. Since I wasn’t about to write 12 different messages for each retard, I simply wrote “ENJOY LOSER!” on each one. Hours later, I receive this email from one of the buyers:

I swear that I was going to just let it go & NOT leave you the feedback you deserve on the previous”Cookies & Video” auction despite how pathetic I found the video to be. But since you seem very comfortable with making your feelings known on my feedback, I’ll return the favor & be candid on yours as well.

I think it was extremely misleading for you to describe a video as being the nastiest ever, or words to that effect & then deliver the fully clothed yawner that you & your girlfriend starred in. The dialog & pointless vulgarity was equally inspiring, though I’m pretty sure I can get that level of sophistication & at the local bowling alley for free. I truly can go on & on about what I thought of that auction, but I’ll spare you more of the same criticism. The reason I’ve not contacted you previously to express my displeasure is because I chalked it up as a lesson learned & I also recognize that some guys may somehow find this “erotic” & find your sense of humor, such as it is……….. amusing or perhaps tolerable. I know it’ll come as a further shock to you, but not everyone that bought your stuff was looking to to be called a loser, or was necessarily a loser. Perhaps some bought it in hopes that they could watch a couple of bimbos embarass & humiliate themselves. Boy you can imagine their disappointment…….. Just a few things to ponder when you notice that only 2 or 3 of the 15 buyers you had for this auction bothered leaving you any feedback. Perhaps they’re just being polite & civil. But then, you don’t believe in polite & civil, do you? I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Ebanned id………dtana

say WHAT??