loser love letters

“i am not human i am scum and filth on your BOOTS. OMG your NYLON NYLON NYLOn sole Shit your SHEER NYLON NYLON NYLOn SOLES after dancing in BOOTS all night.

Your NYLON SOLE pics as YOU pluck my 10.00 BILLS and laugh as each BILL flows into your account

i swear YOUR waste seriously serioulsy has more value than my sad sad life.

Your WASTE seriously has more value than my sad life

my assets list sent for your review?

my TAX REFUND later this month?

OMG your SHEER NYLON SOLES as YOU pluck my 10.00 BILLS

OMG your NYLON SOLES, ASS and Party pics with your girls OMG my sad life

OMG my 10.00 bills plucked as You send me pay per view mails and your NYLON NYLOn NYLOn SOLE pics and party pics

OMG i weaken more and more with each one sent as YOU LAUGH at my DISPOSABLE life

i am scum”