cearaism and raping JB

JB makes a good little pass around slut. Monique usually gets this guy good but today he was all mine! We had some fun today, didnt we, JB? All was going pretty normal at first, got the pervert drunk so he’d be too stupid for rational thought and of course to kill his stupid boner. Got him paying various “taxes” that I made up as I went along. Shiteater tax, slow chugger tax, drunk tax, etc. We dug into his collection of fancy old collector wine… that shit is expensive! so naturally he had to pay me the price of the bottle to drink it. At one point I made him drink his own rancid piss, pretending as best he could that it was mine (even though my pee tastes like peaches and sunshine). It was all fun and games until his stupid cuntrag girlfriend came by and he nearly shit his gay little shorts. The idiot was so drunk and flustered he couldnt contain himself.

itisjustmejb: sorry, door f**k
Ceara Lynch: whos there?
itisjustmejb: almost pissed myself
itisjustmejb: neighbour 4 colleen
Ceara Lynch: hahahahhahahhaha
Ceara Lynch: I thought that was your wife?
itisjustmejb: not funny at all
itisjustmejb: door was not locked
itisjustmejb: i am 1/2 deaf
itisjustmejb: “heloooo?? ”
itisjustmejb: crap
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHAH
Ceara Lynch: what happened?
itisjustmejb: i had to go out to the door she was in the door way
itisjustmejb: and was calling ‘coleeeeen
Ceara Lynch: and?
itisjustmejb: i said she is in the city
Ceara Lynch: and?
itisjustmejb: i was wearing my shorts, no shirts
itisjustmejb: i said she’s in the city,i m trying to sleep
Ceara Lynch: fascinating
Ceara Lynch: did you get a little adreneline rush?
itisjustmejb: a little – wholelot
itisjustmejb: i vcan taste it
Ceara Lynch: haha
Ceara Lynch: sounds like you need another glass
itisjustmejb: i just pulled the plug on the whole pc
itisjustmejb: i need valium
Ceara Lynch: do you have some?
itisjustmejb: close enough
itisjustmejb: ‘pams
Ceara Lynch: pour another glass
Ceara Lynch: drink it, slow and steady
itisjustmejb: f**k you have no idea howmy heart is racing
Ceara Lynch: I do know
Ceara Lynch: So we can get this ball rolling again
Ceara Lynch: you big baby
itisjustmejb: seem to have lost you i’ll log out and back in see if anything changes

Yeah this retard fuck was lost. He signed back on a bit later to see if I was on and I was KIND and GENEROUS enough to pick things up exactly were we left off. But this idiot’s vanilla brain started kicking in again, and he had the nerve to argue with me. Claiming it was “not his fault.” Uh, no loser, when I send you paid mails, and you dont pay them, THATS YOUR FUCKING FAULT. Luckily I can see right through this dork and spelled it out for him.

Ceara Lynch: lets pick up where we left off, shall we?
itisjustmejb: wher was I or you?
Ceara Lynch: I was right here
Ceara Lynch: you were drunk and stupid
itisjustmejb: oh yeah’
Ceara Lynch: go check your mail
Ceara Lynch: theres two paid mails
Ceara Lynch: you owe me
Ceara Lynch: before that stupid bitch colleen took our fun
itisjustmejb: 0 there
Ceara Lynch: no mail?
itisjustmejb: 0
Ceara Lynch: speak english retard
itisjustmejb: last was paid
Ceara Lynch: what was the last?
itisjustmejb: shit eater tax
Ceara Lynch: ok
Ceara Lynch: well im sending another one
Ceara Lynch: you owe me big now
Ceara Lynch: for answering the fucking door
Ceara Lynch: you idiot
Ceara Lynch: you could have just ignored it
Ceara Lynch: but no
Ceara Lynch: you had to answer
Ceara Lynch: and freak the fuck out
Ceara Lynch: then you were too drunk and freaked to even read my instructions
Ceara Lynch: so its pay back time
Ceara Lynch: sent
itisjustmejb: what? 100$ my fault? maybe i should come bcak aniother day
Ceara Lynch: fuck you asswipe
Ceara Lynch: you leave now and Im not talking to you again
Ceara Lynch: so fuck you
Ceara Lynch: youre going to have to pay it either way
Ceara Lynch: and you will
Ceara Lynch: because youre shit
Ceara Lynch: youre just acting like a big baby because your stupid pretend girlfriend came over
Ceara Lynch: and now you can even take responsibility
Ceara Lynch: so go pass out you drunk fuck

Needless to say less than two hours later I get this:

j b: can i send you a payment, please

HAHAHAHA. Long story short I milked a good $585 out of him. All in all I’d say JB is a pretty good dog! Not perfect, obviously. Only I can be perfect. But we did come up with a swanky new idea.

itisjustmejb: who’s the most unlikely loser who’s served you? have your ever humiliated a priest or minister before?
Ceara Lynch: maybe
Ceara Lynch: I’ve been told so
Ceara Lynch: but I dont trust a lot of you idiots when you say shit like that
itisjustmejb: yeah, i guess that’s true
itisjustmejb: does it seem more fitting to make a priest worship you, more satisfying
Ceara Lynch: I agree
Ceara Lynch: Im making this new video soon
Ceara Lynch: where I talk shit about all of the religions
Ceara Lynch: and then talk about the new religion of worshiping me
itisjustmejb: and the one true religion – Ceara ism which does what it says it does – takes Your money!
Ceara Lynch: thats right bitch
itisjustmejb: haha the others do, but you admit it
itisjustmejb: The ONe True faith
itisjustmejb: i beg you to send me a paymail
itisjustmejb: with instructions of degradation how and what to beg for from you
itisjustmejb: please please please
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHAH
Ceara Lynch: stupid
Ceara Lynch: hey
Ceara Lynch: whats the word
Ceara Lynch: for the bowl they pass around at church?
itisjustmejb: for $$
Ceara Lynch: yes
itisjustmejb: or bread?
Ceara Lynch: use your head idiot!
Ceara Lynch: for money
itisjustmejb: money is the collection basket
Ceara Lynch: hm
Ceara Lynch: I thought there was another word for it
Ceara Lynch: nevertheless
Ceara Lynch: you need to pay tribute
Ceara Lynch: toward the collection basket
Ceara Lynch: I’ve been passing it around
Ceara Lynch: to all you little brainwashed worshipers
Ceara Lynch: and its headed your way
Ceara Lynch: so pay up bitch
Ceara Lynch: if you still want to be a part of Cearaism
itisjustmejb: Yes O Great and Revered One
itisjustmejb: Holy and Mighty
itisjustmejb: all the losers adore you
Ceara Lynch: yep
Ceara Lynch: but that means shit to me
Ceara Lynch: when they cant even show it
Ceara Lynch: so show how much you adore me
Ceara Lynch: you know theres only one thing about you I care about
Ceara Lynch: youre completely useless without it
itisjustmejb: down in adoration falling
itisjustmejb: kneeling be fore you
itisjustmejb: paying my tithe
itisjustmejb: is that the word?
Ceara Lynch: tithe:
Ceara Lynch: A tenth part of one’s annual income contributed voluntarily or due as a tax, especially for the support of the clergy or church.
itisjustmejb: tithe means giving 10% to yourreligion
Ceara Lynch: dont be so fucking condescending!!!
itisjustmejb: i apologize
Ceara Lynch: oh yeah?
Ceara Lynch: doesnt sound like it
itisjustmejb: i have long ago learned never to correct you and was only tryng to answer what you asked earlier, sorry
itisjustmejb: i plead forr your forgiveness and absolution
Ceara Lynch: hm
Ceara Lynch: maybe you should pay for my forgiveness
itisjustmejb: i am not sure which of the subs you look up at when you look in the cam
Ceara Lynch: good
itisjustmejb: but that look always spells trouble
Ceara Lynch: youre changing the subject
Ceara Lynch: check your mail

Weeee, we had fun, didnt we JB?? The best part was at the end when reality snapped in and you realized how much you had spent on me, and begged for a final payment. Im a sweet girl, I know when enough is enough and a when a little ATM machine like you needs to recharge, go back to his shit hole job, get paid and start this beautiful, vicious cycle all over again. Sleep well, JB. I hope your head is throbbing in the morning.


Awww, JB always gets so excited when he reminisces on my blog about our quality time together. He couldnt help but come crawling back for more! Had to pay me to make a few edits on here, then we had a lovely conversation on the phone about the weather and politics. HA HA HA !!