How to spot a time waster

Now, I’m not one to fill my blog full of entries about idiots who waste my time like some other princesses I see. I mean, what message does that send across to the rest of the broke and greedy sluts out there?? “I never get tributes cause I don’t know what Im doing. Just take advantage of me and I’ll give you attention! I have nothing better to talk about.” I once saw a, uh, “domme” who dedicated a whole page on her website to ONE loser that wanked on her… WOW! That guy hit the jackpot! Silly little girls, getting manipulated by losers. It’s sad, really. But Im sure they’ll grow out of it, or quit trying.

Anyway, here’s various conversations I’ve had with some dipshit that kept trying to waste my time and got no where. Feel free to contemplate the irony here. You all know Im still above you fucks no matter what.


blah blah: hi
Ceara Lynch: hi
blah blah: i was curious how i could see you on cam
Ceara Lynch: by paying
Ceara Lynch:
blah blah: im not a slave or anything i just love reading your journal and seeing you humilate other guys its hot (translation: I wish I were a slave)
Ceara Lynch: ok
blah blah: and i must admit you are one of the sexiest woman i have ever seen (translation: I think I can distract you with compliments)
Ceara Lynch: are you going to buy cam time or what?
blah blah: yeah im loading the page right now
Ceara Lynch: it’s $5/min
blah blah: yeah
blah blah: im just trying to find where to pay
blah blah: i see it says go to your tribute page (translation: I can see what Im suppose to do but Im going to play dumb anyway)
Ceara Lynch: yep
blah blah: so ami just supposed to buy you something or what (translation: DERRR see? Im so dumb!)
Ceara Lynch: uh, youre suppose to figure out what forms of payment you can send
Ceara Lynch: those are your options
Ceara Lynch: if you have paypal I accept that too
blah blah: ok so i can just get ya like a 50 dollar gift certificate to victoria secret and that will get me 10 mins of viewing time (translation: I totally have it figured out because it works the same way with just about every other fin-domme on the internet. but Im still playing dumb)
Ceara Lynch: exactly
blah blah: be back in a bit someone just came over (translation: no one came over)


blah blah: i had a dream where i got to watch you just humilate the shit out of someone (translation: I have a boner)
Ceara Lynch: ok
blah blah: thats prolly an everyday thing for you huh (translation: please give me something I can jack off to)
Ceara Lynch: what do you want shitdick?
blah blah: i wanna watch you abuse someone (translation: Oh yeah. ugh ugh, fuck yeahhhh..)
Ceara Lynch: well youre out of luck, its just me here
blah blah: when is the last time you just abused someone (translation: Cmon baby I wanna cum)
Ceara Lynch: pay me a tribute and I’ll tell you


blah blah: happy easter (translation: maybe you forgot about me)
Ceara Lynch: you too
blah blah: i love your clips they are awesome (translation: Let me butter you up with compliments. Im sure youre insecure like that)
Ceara Lynch: great
blah blah: your pretty ruthless (translation: dominate me)
Ceara Lynch: yep
Ceara Lynch: is there something you want?
Ceara Lynch: or just wasting my time telling me things I already know?
blah blah: im kinda addicted to your lips i thought about buying some cam time (translation: I have no intention on buying anything)
Ceara Lynch: then buy some cam time
Ceara Lynch: do you have paypal?
blah blah: i do but i dont use it
Ceara Lynch: ok what about niteflirt?
blah blah: yes let me get on there brb
blah blah: how much is it a min?
Ceara Lynch: $5
blah blah: the one girl in the yellow shirt in the spit video has a sexy voice (translation: let me distract you by changing the subject, I just got wood)
Ceara Lynch: ok?
Ceara Lynch: are you buying cam time or what?
blah blah: yeah my niteflirt account is locked out some how so i am going to your page and going to buy you a gift certificate (translation: my niteflirt account is working fine and Im not sending you shit)
Ceara Lynch: ok


blah blah: hi
Ceara Lynch: hi
blah blah: you on cam? (translation: I can see your cam is on)
Ceara Lynch: yes
blah blah: i just wanna see your lips for like 1 sec lol (translation: I wanna waste your time for several seconds)
blah blah: may i? (translation: see? Im so polite, just like a real sub, but with less money.)
Ceara Lynch: then you have to pay retard

Yeah you’re blocked. Next time try ripping off a domme that Doesn’t utilize her message archive or use her brain. There’s plenty.