So I decided in today’s crucial effort to go green, rather than dump my gross old toothbrush in a landfill leaving it for years to decompose, I’d sell it to one of you garbage eaters on ebanned! I know I know, what a saint I am for being so earth conscious. Maybe I could even donate the funds to the polar bears. Hahahaha, just kidding. Last time I did a toothbrush auction it went for $100 and that didn’t include a video. This one does! What are you freaks waiting for?? Bid bid bid!

right here:

Also I made a new clip. I cant tell you how often I get nagged and nagged and nagged by you retards to do a boot worship video so here it is. The cute white boots in the clip were a present from livejournal’s very own loser, Randy! Funny story, a couple days ago I told him I’d send him this video if he paid me $150 tribute. He did, and then I put it up on clips4sale for less than $20. HAHAHA!! He also bought me another wicked pair of skin tight, black leather boots with spiked heels. I look foward to making another video and taking advantage of Randy again very soon.