4 days left on my toothbrush auction and it’s currently at $150. It’s so funny to watch you weirdos fight over my garbage. I have a feeling the winner is going to be the same guy who one my last toothbrush some months back. This freak only pops up when I’m selling my toothbrush, how weird is that?

“As a challenge to you haha, there is absolutely nothing you could do to that toothbrush that would not make me want to put it in my mouth hehe.”

Hmm.. I should soak it in some kind of poison.

In other news, chillball (aka Chillywilly as Monique calls him) has slutted his way back into my radar. This loser goes on money spending binges so I like to take full advantage whenever he comes to my attention. He usually spends all he can until he reaches his limit on niteflirt ($500?) and then moves onto my wish list. I made him a couple short videos to feed his addiction, although unnecessary. All I have to do is snap my fingers and he unloads his paycheck. Im just really generous like that. Plus it was SO funny because he was at work or something when I was talking to him and he kept having to sneak away from people to send me money and I buy my short, overpriced videos that he had no privacy to watch. Hahahha!! That’s like having to pee really really bad with no place to release and then every once in a while paying someone to feed you big gulps of water.

“Oh my gosh, this is killing me that I can’t watch it right now. But I most certainly will pay for it. Thank you so much, Princess. This is going to be on my mind all night. ”

“Thank you, Princess! You really do enjoy destroying my wallet, and you know I have no ability to say no. I snuck away from a group of people just to buy this video and it’s torturing me that I can’t get some privacy to watch it. I think you might really own me. I just dropped $550 on you, and still I want to give you more. What is it about you? ”

“Another video and my addiction grows worse. The sad thing is I haven’t even been able to watch them yet. What’s it going to do to my mind when I do? I tried to send the newest payment but niteflirt has cut me off. I will buy it as soon as possible. I’m sorry to have failed you. You should make me go shopping for you to make up for it. I’m glad you’re getting a laugh at torturing me. You take my money, degrade me, and I am so under your control that I beg for more.”

“Thank you for continuing to use me. And I will definitely purchase the video as soon as I can. Glad to hear you’re not done with me–I’m obsessed with serving you.”

“You should be receiving the gift certificate any minute now. Thank you for another job–you are on a rampage tonight! All I want to do is watch these videos, but I have so very little privacy right now. Have you ever had someone so wrapped around your finger? I’m sure you must have. You’re going to keep draining my wallet until there’s nothing left, aren’t you? And if ever stopped complying with your demands, I’d hate to know what consequences you would have in store for me.”

One of the videos I made him was so good I decided to put it up on clips4sale. It’s already climbed the charts as my second place of my top selling clips this month! It’s a little POV spit soak/verbal beatdown. Check it!