So I’ve been getting a lot of really positive feedback on my newest BBC video. But this has to top them all. This is little-miss-sissy-pretty-pukey–pansy-pants or whatever ridiculous name he calls himself. I only know him because he was ridiculously loyal to Princess Jennifer and would tell me his hilarious stories of intentionally humiliating himself in front other girls under her instructions whenever she was inactive in the scene. I dont know what’s up with him now, he bugged me about buying my panties a little while ago but I dont think his income really meets my standards. HA! But I always enjoy a ridiculously long, twisted, thought out, love letter:

Princess Ceara,

This sissy is now awake at 530am in her thick diapers because sissy
just bought and watched Your new video Princess Ceara.

When You mentioned that us losers probably use 2 fingers to jerk off
because we cant get our hands around it, its so very true. sissy has
used 2 fingers since grade 7, only two years after realizing that the
“two finger jerk” hand sign was a humiliation and shouldn’t be a
reality for sissy unless she was infact a wimp and loser. Seeing Your
cleavage like that… let alone just Your voice and mannerisms.

sissy cant believe that You being so perfect and hot and hip (celeb in
sissies mind)…actually talk to sissy. sissy is going to tribute You
more somehow and do a slave application up Princess. Who knows?

sissy does know You understand her past and sissy comes housebroken.
sissy has yet to suck a real cock, and the one girl that sissy has
slept with years and years ago is a lesbian and a married one at that
now. As far as blackmail, that would be the pinnacle direction to go
as this wimp has worn diapers exclusively since she left me and for
You to drive sissy into sissy humiliation and such while “befriending”
sissies ex for a bit online without her knowledge of Your exploitation
of sissy at the same time would be crazy Princess Ceara. sissy also
could provide msn’s of Girls people that know sissy, one of which
sissy pathetically asks out and get shot down. sissy lives alone and
could easily become a little panty sniffing cuckold wimp in diapers
for You…if sissy could please You.

speaking of sniffing panties its all sissy can think about. Your
PERFECT ass Princess…and like a white cotton semi thong or thong
pair of Princess panties pressed against Your ass all day Princess,
only to be the end all of sissies so called sex life. Even in Your
video when You talk about cuckolds preparing Your pussy, sissy knows
it is in general terms of the fetish and not really reality in Your
case. Your very experienced in the porn scene and sissy assumes You
would never let a loser close to Your Princess genie, but only perhaps
letting a cuckold ass lick or kiss for awhile. sissy doesn’t know if
You will couldn’t her tribute here towards the cost of the panties but
sissy is still going to do it Princess Ceara.

Up so late. sissy just bough 5 pair of size small womens pink jogging
pants Princess Ceara, sissy also just bought 8 cases of diapers and
her house is looking more and more like a teen girl who wets the bed’s
bedroom everyday.

Have a good day Princess Ceara. Seeing how beautiful You are in videos
just kills sissy. she really knows she is so far gone and could never
be a man ever again. Diapers for years and after years of chastity
sissy cant honestly get hard properly anymore. 3 1/3rd inches now.
sissy has even started to mess her diapers, and late at night going on
walks around the block dressed only in a pink shirt thick diapers and
white sox. sissy is so very primed for a sissy life Princess Ceara.

Hope Your day is going great