Dear dimwits,

chadi assi – your degradation video is done! Where are you? youre so annoying I thought you’d be bugging me about it every 10 minutes for it. Well whatever, everyone else is buying it.

cum bubble – you are the strangest and possibly the most obsessed sub I’ve ever encountered. I like that! I expect my new song done by tomorrow as well as another installment of the Chronicles of Ceara. Hop to it, weirdo.

jason c – I fucking hate you. There, you happy now? I mentioned you on my blog.

tim – I saw my new Betsey Johnson wallet on my purchased list today! Yesss! Im going to be so stylish flying on the plane on the ticket you paid for. Hahahahha. Now buy me something else. you got a lot of work to do if you wanna be my best bitch.

diaper boy – your ex girlfriends artwork is amazing! you know who I’m talking about. The only girlfriend you’ve ever had who dumped you to go muff diving. Yeah that one. Why did you give me her email address again? I think Im going to contact her and see what paintings she has for sale. Hahahha.

??? – ($300 paid to delete this shout out).

Later, minions.