Whores whores whores…

Man it’s been a slut-tastic week so far! All the cock suckers are coming out of the woodworks it seems. I found out recently what a cum chugger Chad assi is. I thought it’d be fun to pimp him out on craigslist. Any takers? Yeah I didnt think so.

In other news, blast from the past fuckface, pansyinpanties, contacted me recently to go on a little blackmail binge. He sent me these incriminating pictures uncensored.

Ewww, someone needs to get waxed. I couldnt remember who he was at first until he contacted me and refreshed my memory of this old entry:


What a fucking idiot! Who willingly fucks themselves over like this? Of course I still had his sort-of girlfriend’s email address in my loser vault. (Once information gets in there it does not come out). So he had to pay me a lovely $200 not to forward the pictures to her. You know, for now anyway. Hehe. Oh yeah and I had him take another picture:

Isn’t blackmail great? I can get this wimp to do whatever I want now! He is so screwed. Hahahahahaha!

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