It’s somewhat amusing to me that even in this financial crisis, my income stays steady and losers still are able to scrape together money for abuse and princess brownies. Haha! Speaking of, the auction ended recently. 25 brownies sold = $500. Not bad, but its only half. So if anyone else is still interested contact me, I will be shipping them out this week. I will probably relist the auction again in a month or so. Whats better that brownies made with precious spit, piss, and butt wipes? The same brownies old and stale! Maybe I can even make them a little moldy. Mmmm.

MAAAAATHEW! Where are you, fudge-packer? This little freak dropped $900 on me a few days ago, spilled all sorts of personal information, and sent me these pictures. Haven’t heard from him since. I just thought it would be fun to give his heart a little jolting. It would be a real shame if someone forwarded this journal entry to, say, your place of work. But who would have that kind of info? Oh yeah, ME! I kind of like the first picture – its sassy! The second one makes me want to throw up though. His dick looks like a shriveled up turtle fetus.

Another panty package arrived in the mail from the same thong obsessed admirer. I know I said this before, but I need to do a panty auction soon. My drawer is just about over stuffed with silky, lacy, frilly, cotton, sexy whatnots. Heres a picture for all you panty perverts who dream about raiding my drawers:

File this one in your wank bank!

Peace out fags. I leave you with my newest video.