piss diet

Remember Darren aka Mr. Whopper? The guy who stuck his face in shit while thinking of me? Well, since he’s basically a toilet and will do pretty much whatever I tell him, I put him on a liquid diet of pure piss for a few days and had him take videos of it as proof.

Oh yeah, and here he is showing me his Ceara shrine and, uh, humping the floor in my honor.

Hahaha, I hoped you watched all that. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing I just robbed you fools out of 6 minutes of your life. Suckers!

1 thought on “piss diet

  1. slave barry

    Was that Your Piss, Princess, or was he drinking his own pee? i occasionally have drank my own piss (out of desperation), but there is nothing like the wonderful excitement and humiliation of drinking the Exquisite Golden Nectar of a Gorgeous Goddess such as Yourself, Princess Ceara!

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