Jamie cries about it…

Does anyone here ever wonder which one of the losers I correspond with is the most pathetic push over ever?? It is without a doubt the ultimate pussy of all pussies — JAMIE! Over a year ago he paid me $100 to do a clip for him. I put it off because his clips are boring and I hate him. He would beg me relentlessly everyday to do it so I decided to just make him pay for it over and over again. Over the past year he’s paid over $1000 for one stupid video. Hahahaha! What a fucking loser! Monique and I have spent a lot of time laughing about this. Even Lyne, after hearing about it, ripped him off by making a hilarious video that was only a couple seconds long and looped over and over. HA! Anyway.. Recently I had this conversation with him:

novice_j_2006: please, Princess, after all You did to me there is no doubt left that You showed me to be one of the weakest, most pathetic doormats around…i am just asking for a bit of mercy from You, for You are the best and i still really want that video
Ceara Lynch: are you going to cry about it?
novice_j_2006: not if You don’t want me to, Princess…i mean, You have reduced me to tears before, i admit that, but i will not cry now unless You wish for that to happen
Ceara Lynch: send me a video of you crying about it and I’ll make your video
novice_j_2006: if it is acceptable, i can send You audio of my crying about it…i will make sure to use Your name and my name and details of what You did to me so You know it is legit
Ceara Lynch: ok great

So I thought he was full of shit, but low and behold, 5 minutes later, he sends me a clip of him crying about it!! And if that wasnt enough, he sent me an email afterward telling me how much he loved doing it. What a fucktard.

“hi Princess Ceara. i am not sure why i am admitting this, but being forced to make an audio clip of me crying about what You have done to me actually felt right to me. i was thinking that afterwords i would hate that i did it, but i do not, because i think i needed to be put through that.

in thanks for the video, i was wondering if You wish for me to make another audio clip for You. if so, please let me know the topic and what You would want for me to put in it.

thanks again,

Guess what Jamie?? I finally made your video. Hearing you blubber and whine made it too hard to resist. But I think Im gonna make you wait one more day for it just for fun. Hahaha!