He’s baaaack!

HAHA! So as predicted garbage eater Travis came out from under his bridge to place a giant bid on my tooth brush auction. In the past he’s paid $100 – even $200 for my tooth brush auctions, but this time I made him go above and beyond at a glorious $500! AND HE DID! Hahaha! The bidding isnt quite that high yet because no one’s challenged his bids, so all you little ebanned obsessed rats should go log in now and bid $499.99 and bump it up – MAKE HIM PAY!! HAHA!

Apparently the auction got him so worked up he sent me several messages, including the ones above where he begs me blackmail him with his full name. You got it loser! I wonder how long it will take before regret sets in and he begs me to take it down? HMMM! That may cost you, Metcalf.

In other news, TGIF! New videos are posted, including the full length tooth brush video, some ball busting brutality, and stinky socks and shoe worship including actual footage of me working out in tight stretchy pants. Yum!

Goto my clips4sale page to buy them there or click the buttons below to buy through niteflirt.

I hate white dick! Cock mocking torture. – $15

Bratty Ceara fucks with your tooth brush AGAIN! – $10

Hey gym rat! I see you staring. Want to smelly my workout shoes? – $13