New videos and sluts

Hey rejects – I posted some hot new videos this week thats going to make your tiny little man clits gush like faucet! Two include my gorgeous and bratty friend Renne, one with everyone’s favorite male manipulator Monique, and last and most definitely least of all this dipshit scum sucking reject fucktard that cleaned out his life savings to visit Monique and I last weekend. This little fagatron was lucky enough to wait outside my door as I got some sweet action from my boyfriend and then got the cuckold tease of his life! CHECK IT OUT! Plenty more to come in the following weeks with this blubber butt.

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Doubling your workload with Renne!
So since you did such a great job last semester doing my homework I told my girlfriend Renne all about you. Shes just like me, gorgeous, manipulative and ready to use a nerdy boy you. Just look at her hot little ass and tell me you wont do both our work now?? Were the most popular girls in school and maybe if you help us out we’ll help YOU out… Hahaha yeah right! Just do it for us mmkay?

Ceara Monique and Renne take advantage of a drunk loser POV style
So we know youre just so hot for Monique Renne and I that we thought it would be fun to invite you over for a drink or 6. We get sooo drunk and crazy – us girls turn into total sluts when we’ve had a few! Youre drinking shot after shot while us girls start getting all touchy feely and talking about who gets to fuck you first. But then ohhh! off you go passed out in the chair before any action starts. You lie there drooling only to wake up to me handcuffing you to the chair. HAHA guess what loser?? We were drinking water not vodka! You were the only sucker in the room getting faced and now were going to take full advantage. Hmm, looks like you have a few credit cards in your wallet! Time to go shopping! Have fun being tied to that chair.. Enjoy that hang over!

Cuckold slave gets a little treat
My little cucky pet waits so patiently outside my door as my man fucks me with his thick 9″ dick. He knows he could never have me, touch me, or fuck me, so he takes what he can get. Haha! How pathetic! This is the closest he’s every going to get! He craves it so much he gives me his credit card for our dates just to keep us happy. As a little reward I dangle a special little prize in his ugly face – our used condom, filled with his rich man juice and covered in my sweet pussy nectar. What a lucky cuck..

In other news, Princess caught a big fish last night.. This humiliation junkie spent over $600 in 5 minutes just to see me on cam and experience my use of abuse. Now he’s hooked! I think Im going to have fun with this Im sure… Apparently he was married once but his wife found out what a pathetic desperate whore he is deep down and left him. Gee, didnt see that one coming!