Slave videos

Well butt munchers, you asked for it. More videos of my tormenting that little loser slave Monique and I have been tormenting lately. Buy them up! Who knows if this loser as had enough yet or not. Hahaha!

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Boot slave worship session
What a lucky little fuck! Kneeling in front of me in my sexy date dress and shiny, knee high, 4 inch heel stiletto boots. Watch my slave as he kisses, licks and worships my gorgeous boots all the while I verbally humiliate him and remind him of what a pathetic piece of trash he is. I even make him lay on his back as I trample him, digging my heels into his flabby flesh. HAHA!

Human pedicure stool
This little loser slave started out with the luxury of massaging my perfect size 8.5’s. He did a pretty good job so I thought I’d take it one step further and let him paint my cute little toenails. Of course the idiot smeared it so I had to rip the bottle away from him, make him kiss my butt and apologize then I turned him into a pedicure stool where I finished the job myself! Telling him now incompetent and worthless he is at everything. Once Im done I spit out my used gum and throw it in his garbage disposal he calls a mouth. Loser.

Piss drinking scum sucking spittoon
I knew this loser was sick, but after pushing his limits, I find out he’s is the ultimate lowest of the low! This bottom feeder enthusiastically accept his place below me, on his knees. I spit on his face repeatedly using him as my own personal spittoon. Then I make wait outside the bathroom door as I prepare some sweet golden nectar. I make him smell it before pouring it into a food dish and make him lap it up like the sub human that he is. All for my entertaining pleasure!