Furthering your fucked up addictions….

Holy crap! I am way to nice to you retards. Videos galore for you to spend your hard earn money on, feed your addition, and keep you wanting more. Pri-Mo (aka Princess Monique, HAHA GET IT??) and I got together with bitch-face yesterday. You know the one, our high paying humili-slut video loser. I think were going to start making this a regular thing. He pays us for top of the line abuse, and you dipshits pay us to watch! It’s win-win-win! Anyway, I’ve typed enough words at you losers already. Im out.

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Tight sexy silver leggings
Wow, this may be my hottest video yet! I just got these oh-so-tight silver leggings that are to die for. They hug my butt, thighs and legs so nicely, dont you think? I love teasing a loser like you when I look this good. Let me give you a little peak at my thong, listen to it snap against me, maybe if youre lucky I’ll peel these leggings down so you can see my round butt. You gotta kiss my 4″ heels first loser!

Kiss my dangling black heels
Down on your knees slave! I want you groveling to worship my sexy long legs, perfect feet and gorgeous black 4″ heels. Watch me dangle them in front of your face, one at a time as you watch in awe. Kiss my heels, lick them, and suck on the heel little loser! I want you worshipping me properly. Sniff the insides and then kiss my bare feet. This is a heel-lovers session of a lifetime.

Breaking your heart is what I do best!
Im so happy to have you as a Valentine I wanted to make this video of me writing you not one, not two, but three different cards! Watch me pour my heart in them, writing intricate, loving musings. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful guy like you in my life… HAHAHA!! YEAH RIGHT!! Did you really think I want serious? In your dream loser! The only way youd get a valentine like that from me, is if I tore it up in your face first! Yep, rip them to shreds as your heart breaks and tears well up in your sad little eyes. I love having that affect on dipshits!

Old, Controlled and Mine to Mold! Panty domination.
Youre a sad, tired old man, only good for two things: jacking off and paying me. You cant get any play so you pay pay pay to wank your little cock to what you can never have. Not even your crusty old wife will fuck you. How sad. lucky for me I know just how your pathetic little mind works and I manipulate it to get exactly what I want. A few little peaks under my skirt and your mind turns to mush, you cant think for yourself so I think for you. Hehe! Im not like all the other girls who drive you crazy – I drive you crazy AND I know how to work it to my advantage. Turning you into a fumbling, mindless, cash machine. Cha-ching!

Tearing down your ego in panty hose
You are such a pathetic, simple, little being. All I have to do is slip into these shiny panty nude hose, kick on some heels and you’re as weak as economy. Ha! What kind of loser has such little control over themselves? Youre just a dumb, scum sucking little pig. You make me sick! So sick that I’m going to take advantage of youre weakness and i’m going to make you do things to prove what little worm you are. You would do anything for me wouldnt you? Even suck cock? Haha, I bet you would. What If I spit on the ground? i’ll make you lick it right back up fucker..

Teasing toes
So you have a little sock fetish huh? Well I got the cutest little pink, knee high toes socks that are gonna drive you wild! They’re my favorite pair of socks which means Ive worn them a lot! No matter how much I wash them they still have that hint of stinky feet. You want to smell? Come closer and inhale my sexy socked toes, foot boy! Mmm that was nice wasnt it?? You want more? Gotta beg first! Hahaha, I love how pathetic you foot boys get for me feet!

High heel cuckolding
Little bitch face is in his favorite position, under my gorgeous 4″ heels. I let him kiss and worship them as I talk to my boyfriend on the phone, laughing at how pathetic he is! I talk about how I can’t wait to see him tonight and get my hands on his dick, right in front of this cucky loser who’s funding out whole night!