New videos

Monique and I have been racking in the paper tonight! Makin’ it rain n shit. HAHA! Were about to go out and you probably missed out on the fun, so make yourself useful and buy out these new clips:

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Human ashtray
Bitchface reaches a new all time low as my human ashtray, flicking ashes in his mouth, blowing smoke in his face and verbally degrading him the whole time. What a piece of trash! And the saddest part of all, you losers buying this would do anything to be in his place! HA!

Ass worship in tight black pants
Looking up at me in tight black pants. I force you to worship me ass, using your face as a seat cushion. Pucker up boy cuz you have to kiss it first! Haha, loser. You wish you could have this ass but instead you have to do everything at my command. Touch when I say, sniff when I day, worship when I say. Everything is at my command!

Spit face blackmail fun
Hey there spittoon! You are so fucking disgusting! Im going to spit all over your ugly face, because not only do you deserve it, you LIVE FOR IT! I cover your face with my sloppy, gooey saliva. Then when youre at your most vulnerable, I grab my camera and take a picture! Before you know what hits you, Im laughing in your face and you come to the realization i have a picture of you with your face covered in cum-like goo! HAHA!! I can post this online for the world to see, telling everyone i used you as my slut! Letting guys use your holes and then blowing their wad all over you. HAHAHA!! YOURE SO FUCKED!