Hey Mitsukai — Thought you might find this interesting!

pigforrent03055: princess?
Ceara Lynch: yes?
pigforrent03055: do you know someone named candyass ?
Ceara Lynch: I know of him
pigforrent03055: ok
Ceara Lynch: why?
pigforrent03055: he is fucked
Ceara Lynch: and who are you?
pigforrent03055: him
pigforrent03055: looking for advice
pigforrent03055: is there way to get on mitsukais good side?
Ceara Lynch: so youre candyass huh
pigforrent03055: guess not
pigforrent03055: sorry to bug you
pigforrent03055: yes
Ceara Lynch: hahahaha
Ceara Lynch: yes i know how to get on her good side
pigforrent03055: how
Ceara Lynch: do what she fucking says
Ceara Lynch: everytime
pigforrent03055: she wants me in chastity…i cant
pigforrent03055: everything else i do
Ceara Lynch: well then thats why youre on her bad side
pigforrent03055: i know…and she has all my friends emmails
pigforrent03055: she may post them
Ceara Lynch: so do what she says
pigforrent03055: i cant go into chastity
pigforrent03055: just cant
Ceara Lynch: then you will stay on her bad side and your life will be ruined, even more so than it already is
pigforrent03055: im afraid if she posts them other dommes will use it against me too
pigforrent03055: just want to be left alone
Ceara Lynch: then you should do what she says
pigforrent03055: what if other dommes get their emails?
pigforrent03055: ugh
Ceara Lynch: what do you think?
Ceara Lynch: man you really are stupid huh?
Ceara Lynch: youre coming to ME for advice? really?
pigforrent03055: i am
pigforrent03055: i dont want to get you mad
pigforrent03055: ill go
Ceara Lynch: who said i was mad?
pigforrent03055: no one
pigforrent03055: just dont want to get you therre
Ceara Lynch: Im forwarding this convo to mitsukai
pigforrent03055: dont
pigforrent03055: why would you
Ceara Lynch: why wouldnt I?
Ceara Lynch: because were such good buddies and I care about your well being?
pigforrent03055: i said nothing wrong
pigforrent03055: just trying to make her happy and get free
Ceara Lynch: okay then you have nothing to worry about
pigforrent03055: ugh
pigforrent03055: dont
pigforrent03055: please
Ceara Lynch: why?
pigforrent03055: she may get mad
pigforrent03055: or give out info
Ceara Lynch: then youre pretty stupid for contacting me huh?
pigforrent03055: didnt mean to be like this
Ceara Lynch: then youre pretty stupid for contacting me huh?
pigforrent03055: just be cool
Ceara Lynch oh Im way cool B)
pigforrent03055: ok
Ceara Lynch: hahahha
pigforrent03055: what
Ceara Lynch: Im just excited to see what she’s going to do when she reads this
pigforrent03055: fuck
pigforrent03055: dont
pigforrent03055: U SE3RIOUS?
Ceara Lynch: yes I am SE3RIOUS
Ceara Lynch: but maybe we can work out a deal
pigforrent03055: this isnt a game
Ceara Lynch: oh okay so you dont want to play?
Ceara Lynch: I’ll just send it to her then
pigforrent03055: what do you want
Ceara Lynch: piss in a cup and drink it on cam
pigforrent03055: ewwww
Ceara Lynch: not that big of a deal really
Ceara Lynch: ive seen you eat cat food
pigforrent03055: no
Ceara Lynch: no what?
pigforrent03055: pee
Ceara Lynch: okay
Ceara Lynch: your choice
pigforrent03055: ok
Ceara Lynch: sending to mitsukai….
pigforrent03055: stop
pigforrent03055: my god
pigforrent03055: why are you all evil

pigforrent03055: thats was awful
Ceara Lynch: good
pigforrent03055: ur evil
pigforrent03055: better then her finding out though
pigforrent03055: she would have me eating the cat bo9x clean

HA HA HA! Looks like you’ll be doing both, dumbass.