Another lost lunch…

I have one more week of school until I’m done with this awful Summer term. I can’t wait. You cant take 8 credits in 4 weeks without feeling like the you’re sacrificing yourself everyday to the university time vampire. Sucking out and consuming the wonderful minutes of my day that were once used to the optimum degree of making drooling minions buy me things and then eat their rancid feces. 

Oh yeah, you know what I’m totally into these days? Mineral water. I dont know why its just something that I picked up. Don’t act like you don’t care because this is in fact really interesting. I like to buy the really big bottles on San Pellegrino and drink them in public places. The bottle is so big I feel like a sassy lush drinking a bottle of wine where ever the fuck I please.

I wish I had something more D/s related to contribute here but, as you know, school has been dominating my life much as I do your dreams. I leave you fags with my latest conversations with KOW BUX, to illustrate the art of wasting my time properly:


Kow Bux: omg omg whenever I see how sexy you are I keep thinking how stupid I was to dump Beckie Johnson 19 years ago
Ceara Lynch: you never dated beckie johnson…
Kow Bux: Yep
Ceara Lynch: lies
Kow Bux: What was I thinking?
Ceara Lynch: you were thinking “maybe if i dump her in my mind it wont seem so pathetic that im pretending to date her… know….. in my mind”
Kow Bux: haha I heart Ceara
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Kow Bux: Princess Ceara, why is it so difficult for me to find a gf with a pretty butthole?
Kow Bux: (and okay, so i lied about having a gf)
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Kow Bux: let’s both be psychotherapists and co-lead sex therapy groups!
Ceara Lynch: no
Kow Bux: Butt why nott?
Ceara Lynch: cuz
Kow Bux: we got skills
Kow Bux: Good enough for me xoxoxo
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Kow Bux: Yes we can open up a sex therapy clinic
Kow Bux: Beauty and The Beast
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Kow Bux: OMG i’ve been waiting my whole life for you!
Kow Bux: let’s tar and feather me with molasses and the bag from the paper shredder!
Ceara Lynch: eat poo
Kow Bux: i love Ceara
Kow Bux: ratemymoo ‘n’ Ceara-4-ever
Ceara Lynch: no really
Ceara Lynch: eat poo
Kow Bux: and THAT’s why i heart you
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Kow Bux: Well, it’s official. I’ve started the world’s most exclusive clubb: The Tuggitarians. Wish you could join?
Ceara Lynch: whats that?
Kow Bux: Well, i’m the only member at this point, so it’s pretty exclusive.
Ceara Lynch: what does it entail?
Kow Bux: Well, I was sitting in my tighty-whities thinking about my unique path, and I thought:
Kow Bux: Blubbering Idiot, what are you really good at?
Kow Bux: And then it came to me:
Kow Bux: I Tugg.
Kow Bux: Some days I do it well,
Kow Bux: Some days not worth a wobbly
Kow Bux: But all days I do it
Ceara Lynch: hmm
Ceara Lynch: but i dont tug. i rub
Kow Bux: !
Kow Bux: Rubbitarian
Ceara Lynch: i guess were in different clubs
Kow Bux: Rubbntuggitarians
Ceara Lynch: OHH
Kow Bux: SEE
Ceara Lynch: so harmoneous
Kow Bux: names are just names
Ceara Lynch: youre right, why do we let these labels come between us?
Kow Bux i don’t KNOW
Kow Bux: Like Dummy and Princess
Kow Bux: who CARES
Kow Bux: My beautiful philosopher
Kow Bux: let me buy you a Greyhound ticket to Loserville
Ceara Lynch: are you kidding? that place is a dump
Kow Bux: Love turns any hell into a heaven
Ceara Lynch: I already have the t-shirt
Kow Bux: 🙂
Kow Bux: ttysoon
Kow Bux: dreamboat
Ceara Lynch: adios fagatron