New clips

Hey poop suckers – tons of new videos have been posted! I know you want to collect them like pogs. Hahaha, remember pogs?? Anyway. Lots of activity happening over at the team tease store too. Check it out here: teamtease. My partner in humilitainment Monique and I are getting together with our clip bitch soon to destroy him in ways only we can. Then Renne is coming by soon to add her special blonde touch. Lyne’s been hinting around the idea of coming up to the great northwest next month. Whats up with that girl?? Dont tease me!

Hahaha some fruit just sent me a video of a candle wedged into his 2 inch clit through the foreskin. Currently toying with the idea of posting it here, but he might be spared for now. Im so busy its probably not worth the effort. What do you guys think??

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Smoke break with our human ashtray, YOU!
Want to make yourself useful? Mouth open, loser. Kyaa and I take a little smoke break and we decided to use you as our ashtray. Blowing smoke in your face and ash in your mouth. You love this dont you?

Custom video: Talking shit to chad
Another video talking shit to chad. He is so hooked on me. Obsessed with buying custom videos of me ripping him to shreds. What e fucking loser. Of course I have no problem taking him money and contributing to his downward spiral. Look at my feet chad, dont they make you weak?? Here let me spit on your face, haha! You love it dont you? Degradation for the win motherfucker!

Virgin jerk off instruction tease and denial with Kyaa
We know your little virgin cock has been itching for a tease. That’s just what youre going to get. You’ve accepted your fate as a loser and youre ready to take whatever you can get. Or should I say, PAY FOR IT! Hahaha silly little virgin. Kyaa and I are ready to take you to the edge only to deny you. And of course tell you how to jerk it and when to cum, while we mock and torture you. Are your cheeks burning with shame? Admit it, you love this way too much.

Panty hose lingerie mind fuck
I love watching you lose every last ounce of dignity as you take one look at my flawless body in lingerie. You feel yourself breaking down as this goddess taking over. I can see in your eyes how badly you want to surrender. Starring. Drooling. Mesmerized. My perfect ripe breasts, flat toned stomach, gorgeous long legs and plump round ass. Its enough to make you sign your life away. Indulge your addiction. It’s so liberating, dont you think? Give it all away and let me take full control.

Bikini giantess POV
Youre a little man crawling around giantess Ceara’s apartment. She finds you and is immediately intrigued. Staring up at her amazing bikini body, you freeze. She giggles as she watches you tremble. Seeing a tiny little man clearly brings out an evil streak. She wants to toy with you like a cat with her prey. Spitting on you, taking you into her giant mouth, and biting oh so slightly. The pain is unbearable, yet you love it so much! Then she decides to have more fun, mashing you between her giant tits and rubbing you up her ass crack as she howls with laughter. This is amazing! Then she sets you down again and teases you by raising her giant foot above you, bringing it down just inches away from crushing your every bone, then taking it away, laughing! She continues to mock you by talking about how much she wants to crush you like a bug and feel your tiny man guts between her toes. The fear and excitement is almost too much. On the one hand you are addicted to the thrill of being crushed, on the other hand you are petrified, wishing she’d just do it and get it over with. Will this giant goddess spare you?

The violation of Harry B.
To read the full story on Harry’s violation, read my blog entry at:
Drunkin fool Harry B. was careless enough to give me his log in info to enter his computer through Except before I could get it, he changed his info! So instead I decided to see if his password worked elsewhere. Boy did it ever! I hacked into his email where I found a picture of him and a phone number. His niteflirt account where I cleaned out the rest of his money. And his Twitter account where I posted some friendly tweets to all his friend. HAHA! Stupid Harry never saw it coming. Now watch the video of me mocking him and teasing him with that ass that makes him OH so weak and stupid. You know its only a matter of time before I get into your computer for real, right Harry??

Smoke in your face

Kicking back and having a cigarette, of course using you as my own personal ashtray. Something about your neck craned back and your mouth propped open, just makes me want to chain smoke! I love flicking ash in your mouth and blowing smoke in your face. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to watch your red eyes water with tears as you thank me for the opportunity to make yourself useful.

Body worship wet look

WARNING! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! — you asked for it! The ultimate body worship clip. You won’t me able to contain yourself once you see me in these tight wet look pants. They’re like a second skin, fitting snug on my round ass and sexy legs. You would give anything to touch, worship, and live for me. I love to tease you relentlessly. Turning you into a drooling minion, ready to surrender.