Confessions of a twentysomething humiliatrix

An uppity non-paying sub tried to convince me that I am not a real Domme because I dont get aroused by submissive behavior. My brain literally aches trying to fathom the logic there. I guess it’s more effective to ease the cognitive dissonance of paying a woman to exploit your sexuality for their own personal gain, if you can convince yourself the woman actually get some sexual gratification out of it too. How sad. Of course this simpleton who was clearly running on a single brain cell also couldnt comprehend how I could enjoy something that doesnt turn me on. As though the only way anyone could like anything is if it makes their baby making parts tingle…? Last I checked I enjoy a good book but I’m not about to hump my way into a series of unmentionable paper cuts. So what do I enjoy about being a Domme? Well, for one, I get what I want. Assuming a sub presents himself well, I can use his weaknesses as a means of getting paid. Yep, I love money. Who doesnt? Do I really need to say that? But I think my true Domme colors shine when I seize an opportunity to really piss someone off. Money is money and I will always have that free flowing in my bank account because Im fantastic at what I do. But nothing gives me a rise like knowing I am truly denying someone and leaving them frustrated. No, not in the “tease and denial” sort of bullshit way, but actually denying them any ounce of what they were hoping to get out of me. Take Harry B for example. Many would think I’d be pleased with the fact I got into so many of his accounts or that I made over $1200 out of him in just two sessions. But really, what pleases me the most is posting his twitter screen shot. Why? Because he’s asked me repeatedly to take it down. And I know he meant it because he didnt say it in the typical “oh please i beg you princess” subspace inspired sort of way, but rather in a simple, serious, straight forward way. Everything else turned harry on immensely. For whatever reason the twitter thing really upset him. I went “too far” and if only I’d just take down that one thing it would be cool. I can’t tell you how happy that makes the sadist in me. The reward system in my mind lights up like a disco ball. Knowing that obnoxious little prick actually regrets something about our time together leaves a feeling of satisfaction only a girl like me could feel.

Let’s face it, nobody thinks straight when they’re horny. And any submissive idiot who crosses my path will be dealing with the same Ceara mentality whether they are horny or not: my brain remains the same.