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I had another fun conversation with my fiancee this morning. I guess he was lying to me about the picture. I dont know how we can recover from this. Every good relationship must be built on trust.

u know what
footfreakboy2000: i knew u are a bitch and i didn’t send my pic
footfreakboy2000: it is not
footfreakboy2000: i just feel guilty that it is someone else’s
Ceara Lynch: oh ok then you have nothing ot worry about then
footfreakboy2000: i swear it is not mine
footfreakboy2000: i feel guilty
Ceara Lynch: ok
footfreakboy2000: it is for someone else
footfreakboy2000: i just found it on google
Ceara Lynch: ok
footfreakboy2000: do u understand?
footfreakboy2000: he hasn’t done anything to u
footfreakboy2000: u should remove his pic
Ceara Lynch: nah
footfreakboy2000: look it is not my pic
Ceara Lynch: yeah i heard you
footfreakboy2000: u have put someone else pic there
Ceara Lynch: i get it
footfreakboy2000: look
footfreakboy2000: i get on cam for u if u promise to not takepic of me and delete his pic
footfreakboy2000: just to show u it is not me
Ceara Lynch: ok
footfreakboy2000: do u promise?
Ceara Lynch: yep
footfreakboy2000: i am trusting u
Ceara Lynch ok
footfreakboy2000: do u understand?
Ceara Lynch: yep
footfreakboy2000: do u swear to not take any picof me?
Ceara Lynch: yep
footfreakboy2000: and to not put any pic of me on your journal
Ceara Lynch: yep
footfreakboy2000: ok
footfreakboy2000: see

(few minutes later, after posting this)

Ceara Lynch: ok check my blog
Ceara Lynch: i deleted it
footfreakboy2000: WHAT DO U WANT
footfreakboy2000: STOP THIS
footfreakboy2000: U PROMISED
footfreakboy2000: U SWEARED
footfreakboy2000: U PROMISED
footfreakboy2000: DO U UNDERSTAND SHIT
footfreakboy2000: NOT FUNNY
footfreakboy2000: I NEED MY PIC TO BE OFF THERE
footfreakboy2000: HURRY
footfreakboy2000: AS I AM ALREAD LATE
footfreakboy2000: DELETE IT
footfreakboy2000: NOW
Ceara Lynch: hahaha
footfreakboy2000: NOT FUNNY AT ALL

Ahahaha I am so amused by this. Anyway, today should be very eventful. A couple of my friends are finishing up their portrait of me that’s been put off for a while. And yes, I have friends who are real artists, not just jerk offs who photoshop me to looking like a freaking hag. check it out:

Then after that it’s De La Soul show with Monique!! YEAH!!

Here’s my latest:

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Dr. Lynch gives you a lesson in jerking off
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Dr. Lynch blackmails you into a lifetime of treatment
So lately you’ve been feeling that your gorgeous therapist has no sincere interest in your mental well being. She is exploiting you and taking advantage of your weakness like so many other women throughout your life. You mustered up the balls to tell her that you want to end it and she invites you over to her office to discuss it. She says you are free to stop at anytime but before you do she wants to address a highly neglected issue: your burning desire to suck cock. You are shocked at her ability to recognize this without ever even telling her. Pulling out a big pink dildo, she tells you its important to always take on any opportunity to indulge in your urges in a safe environment. What could be safer than the confidential walls of a therapy session? You drop to your knees and begin sucking like a true whore. In and out as Dr. Lynch smiles and encourages you to completely let go of all inhibitions. Before you know it, she begins laughing, and pulls out a video camera that had been running the whole time. You are shocked. She continues to fuck your mouth and explain that you will never be able to discontinue your sessions. You need a LIFETIME of treatment and this incriminating video ensures that you will continue to pay for them forever… Or risk total exposure.

Bikini brat uses you as her personal spittoon!
Omg, you are such a fucking creep. You are so obsessed with me even though I treat you like total trash. You’d do ANYTHING to be near me. Well guess what? Hanging out with me means you act as my own personal spittoon. Nothing gives me greater joy that to spit slimy wet slobs of saliva all over the face of a loser like you. And of course you LOVE every minute of it, so much as it means I pay attention to you, right spitface? Hahaha, keep it up and I might just invite all my girlfriends over to join in on the fun. I want EVERYONE to know about my human spit bowl. Hahaha!

Cheater cheater boozy drinker
A new slave waltzed into my stable recently. We’ll just call him “cheater.” You see, he came to me drunk and frustrated that his mistress wasnt paying attention to him. So like the good LOYAL subby that he is, he came to me. I milked him out of $600 and forced him to watch my feet on cam. Afterward he felt immense guilt for going behind his owner’s back and said he wouldnt be back. I knew he would. Sure enough, he did! Being the total slut he is, he couldnt resist. He just HAD to see me again, to worship and serve. Who could blame him? His mistress is a total idiot hag and I am pure perfection. Unfortunately he cannot leave her because of the information she has against him. But guess what cheater?? I have information against you too! Looks like you’re doubly FUCKED.

Full body stocking foot worship
If you havn’t fallen deep into your Ceara addiction yet, prepare yourself. Your mind will be spinning the moment you see me in this killer body stocking. I will take your foot fetish to levels it’s never seen. You will be groveling like the subhuman you are, ready to surrender everything to live under my feet.

Flirty foot fetish fishnets
Manipulation at its finest! My charm and beauty is just too much to resist. Not to mention my sexy feet. Just a flash of my smile and a wiggle of my toes and youre like my own personal puppet, ready to do whatever I ask. You can’t fight that burning desire to be my bitch — dont even try!

Butt worship humiliation
So this is what your life has come to? You’re too much of a loser to get a girlfriend and youre obsessed with ass so you spend all your money to sniff hot butts. Well dont expect to have a nice quiet ass worship session because Im going to make sure and rip you to shreds as your is nose wedged in my crack. The sad thing is you love every minute of this, dont you? Brown noser for life, Im sure.