tweet tweet

I made a twitter account a couple weeks ago to contact someone I didnt know how else to reach. I haven’t used it for any other reason, yet now I have nearly dozen followers. Huh? It really boggles my mind that this site has caught on. I mean, really, its just like blogging except you can’t write as much and you have to bounce from page to page to understand where people’s comments are coming from and who they’re directed at. I understand that the main appeal of it is that everyone is using one now so it’s a prime source of getting e-attention, but the whole structure of it seems like one big obnoxious and inadequate cluster-fuck. Why is this where the party’s at? WHY???

I guess I won’t "get it" until I try it. I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before I eat my words.

womenrules (master ass-kisser) always wants to talk twitter with me. I swear I could tell that dude the pope is Jewish and he would agree with me and then tell me how cool I am. Similarly he’s told me a number of times how dumb he thinks twitter is, even though he reads it everyday, tweets semi-regularly, and created master list that links all Dommes to their twitter.