I am the only person who understands your obsession with Lyne.

Sooo, dont get me wrong here, I know Lyne is great and everything. But why is this dude telling me all this…?

Hello Princess Ceara, a while ago i bought from You 2 of the slavecakes You prepared and the video of You preparing them. i have to admit i didn’t eat it, although it was GREAT from You and i’m very thankful for that to You. i contact You again because i know more about myself by now. i’m a switch, who’s very submissive for a few dominant ladies. You are one of the most famous dominant woman on earth for me and i believe You have a good contact with Princess Lyne. For about 10 years i was fighting against myu submissiveness, BUT still also searching on the net for a Goddess whhere i would do anything for. In those years i bought about 6 times
something from a dominant female on the net. The ones i could not resist to buy something from. So about 4 years ago i also bought a cup of spit from Princess Lyne for 75 dollars. It is the only item i actually did workship. i drank Her spit and it was an unforgettable experience for sure ! In the meantime i checked Her journal from time to time and was/am happy about it’s going well for and with Her. i thought a lot about this, but i think it’s time for me to realize that Princess Lyne is THE Goddess for me to serve !
i hope You still know i was always correct to You as i should when we had contact. So PLEASE do not understand me wrong and i’m not a time waster, i know there still are a lot.   i do not have a credit card anymore atm, but i was able to see on Ebanned that Princess Lynes boots are relisted and that there is only a low bit.  She deserves much more for them.  i also saw in Her journal and on Her clips4salepage She is/was looking for a boot slave. That’s a dream position for me as She has already a perfect spit slurping slut.   i’m living in Europe, so i know i will not be able to clean Her boots with my tongue at the near future, but i think i
can prove Her i can be of use to Her and do my best to become Her boot slave by buying Her the boots She wants. And worship and honour Her used boots.
So i offered Her today to buy Her some new Luxe Australian boots She wants to get Her old and used boots.  Princess Ceara, sorry for bothering You, but You are the only one who understands this and i can tell this to atm. You are the only one who knows how important this is for me.
Thanks a lot for Your time !!! To prove i’m serious i also created a Livejournalaccount. Not much to see on it yet, but i dedicate to Princess Lyne and my tryings for becoming Her boot slave. i know She deserves a good one !  Maybe my journal can be a little help for some promotion for You as Your links are also on Princess Lynes website and journal.
Good evening Princess Ceara and much succes in the future !!!