Another addition to the mail-bag

With an inbox saturated with selfish losers begging for scraps, it’s always refreshing to hear from a cool chick. I got this email recently..


I’m messaging you privately instead of commenting on your journal because I don’t want to seem like an attention hungry butt-kisser or something of the sort.
It’s quite evident you get weirdo stalkers and all kinds of attention whores from all corners of the web, so I wouldn’t be offended if you mistook me for one, but I’m not, I swearz. I do want to compliment you, though.
I don’t think what you do is entirely right… actually, it’s very wrong, but that’s why it’s so brilliant. So good for you, and I’m happy to see you getting what you deserve, which is anything these poor losers have to offer you.

You’ve made an impression on me… one I think is very positive.
Strange as I pretend to be, I wasn’t quite aware of the extent to which foot fetishists take their fantasies… which is to the exploitable one.
I started selling used shoes on ebay because I’m totally broke lately (clean and decent ones meant for someone who might want to WEAR them) but I mostly got messages from the type of man you are familiar with.
Some have asked me for things like instructions on how to clean my shoes… to make them smelly for them, to send full body photos of me wearing the shoes, my email and so on, and I’ve been too shy to do it or ask for more money. Because I always thought "well, if he paid extra, maybe" but just said no.
The shoes sell to sniffers anyway, though. Just not for that much.

I told my friend about this and showed her the weirdo messages, and later she sent me to your site, half joking, as an example I should follow.
I read your article at Vice, and well… thank you for putting things in perspective.
I’m totally charging those weirdos next time they ask me for anything, guilt free.

Also, cum bubble amuses me to no end. I’ve been enjoying your lj so much, especially cum bubble related posts, what a fucking fruit basket. I hope you never lose his attention, he’s too epically weird (therefore, entertaining).

Hope you have a lovely evening! Take care,