Quote of the moment: "yea yea laugh it up…the more i see ur vids and pictures, the more i hate myself" — Zach Hales

Hahaha, I love it…

There’s a new eager beaver who’s been furiously waving money in my face lately. Apparently he got hooked on my clips and quickly started tributing regularly and sending me love letters. I’ve yet to even talk to this guy yet (gotta love those low maintenance slaves.) Al toth, I know you’re reading this. YES, I’m talking about you. Time to sign up for yahoo messenger and send me a hollar. Let’s take your addiction to the next level.

Princess Ceara,



I just saw your new clip, "Goddess Worship" and felt I had to send you this prayer I wrote last week, yes I was on my knees.

I moved to Peru 8 months ago from San Diego, and quickly found I could not download clips. I returned to SD for a few weeks in September and downloaded my first Ceara clips. I was immediately hooked, I downloaded 54 clips in just over a week.  I had found my new religion. To be honest I am afraid, but I thrive on living on the edge, so theres a part of me thats pulling me in. Thats why Im afraid.

Anyway not to bore you any longer, heres my prayer to you.

Prayer of submission to the Supreme Princess Ceara,

 Oh Princess Ceara looking down upon us, we willfully surrender our souls to you.

 Kneeling at the holy shrine that is your body, we gratefully accept all you give, swallowing your sweet words and allowing their truth to penetrate deep into our consciousness.

We are here for your amusement, your pleasure, and your financial gain.

Thank you for allowing us to worship you daily, an act that not only gives purpose and meaning to our life, but also keeps us focused on you and no one else.

 With your help we are able to realize the truth of our existence, that we, your pathetic, low-life, cuckold slaves are nothing, and that you, the perfect Goddess Ceara are everything!!

                                          kisses at your feet, Al Toth


Good morning Princess Ceara,

Happy Pay-Day

My devotional update:

1.The first thing I do every morning when I get up is to go to your web site and vote for you, I vote from 2 different PC’s.

2. Then I watch some of your clips, I call them Continuing Education Videos.

3. I changed my NiteFlirt name to from "freespirit" to “Cearaspantyslave" so that all would know who really controls my cock.

Princess, I am soooo wrapped around your little finger, here I am, a grown man groveling at the feet of a Hot Young Sexy Girl. You have fucked my mind with your perfect body, now I beg you to rape my wallet.

How can I prove my loyalty? What must I do to go to the next level?

Your groveling, mind fucked, aspiring slave