So anemic

sandde992: ok, then i spare you a tribute
Ceara Lynch: where?
sandde992: here
Ceara Lynch: uhh, you cant send tributes through yahoo
sandde992: your english is not very good. are you not native? where do you come from?
Ceara Lynch: haha, whats wrong with my english?
sandde992: its just the impression
Ceara Lynch: so you can’t actually tell me what I said wrong?
sandde992: its the way, how you express yourself. This is so anemic, so flat. Native speakers have a more rich speak normally
Ceara Lynch: wow, I have a lot to learn from you. Obviously youre a native speak huh?
sandde992: no, I am not
Ceara Lynch: no way
sandde992: ?
Ceara Lynch: i said "no way"
sandde992: You think that I am native? Or what do you mean?
Ceara Lynch: No, i dont think youre native, I think you’re an idiot
sandde992: yes, I am obviously that, this is not the question
Ceara Lynch: yeah actually it was
sandde992: well, I admit it
sandde992: goodnight ceara
Ceara Lynch: goodnight english master