Obsessed Mongloid


This hideous mongloid is in some serious debt to me and Im not all that impressed in his efforts to dig his way out of it. It’s kind of amazing to me that fuckfaces like this will make the most obvious lies and think I won’t recognize the bullshit instantly. He was annoying the shit out of me so, typical lame sub BS – "I’ll do anything," "Let me be your slave" "please pleas please PLEASE." I usually give guys like this fairly unreasonable assignments just for being annoying, so I told him to go buy all my clips at once. He disappeared a few days and came back claiming he did just that. Uh, no you didn’t. I have over 200 clips and I would have noticed if someone bought all of them within a few days. He paid $500 for that lie, which paired quite nicely with his $300 Christmas bonus. It’s a shame he probably won’t get on my list anyway.

Then he made the mistake of telling me how he "passed along" a clip of mine to someone else to "promote me." How does a grown man not understand the concept that when one person pays for a clip two people get, that it’s ripping me off? Further more, its not promotion when you give it to a 19 year old loser who can’t buy off C4S or else mommy and daddy would see it on his credit card, and who on his spare time tries to impersonate me on YIM via "cearalynch01" and telling gullible idiots like this that he’s my boyfriend. but thats a whole other story.

So anyway, now the mongloid is in deep shit. He has the assignment to buy all my clips in one week, 30 clips a day, plus an additional $1000. The little reject keeps jumping ahead of himself, apparently he doesnt get the concept of "debt" and aspires to be my #1 slave. I tell you what loser, youre a long ways away from never-going-to-happen. You missed yesterday, mongloid, that means 60 today.