Oops, accidentally posted this on team tease

Loving the results of my interactive tributing clip. Or maybe it’s Christmas pouring in early? No wait, it’s just me.

New hot dress and over priced heels. I wish I had more places to wear stuff like this other than in clips and at Vegas.

My dad lately has been noticing i have a wide variety of coats these days. So now it’s my new thing to wear a totally different one every time I see him and ask him how he likes my new coat. He always laughs and makes some comment about how I really have you losers eating out of my hand (yes, he knows what I do, and he thinks it’s hilarious.) I really dont think I have THAT many, he should see my shoe collection.

Sushi made the hilarious mistake of buying me two GPS’s. I gave one to my boyfriend and we’ve been on the tomtom website for half of the day checking out the specs. I cant decide if I want to program the voice of Burt Reynolds or Mr. T …. (It’s a hard life.)

New dress that looks exactly like this other dress I have only a little lighter in color. Oh yeah and a Versace candy dish. I love it when you boys buy something off my list that I randomly put on a while ago just because it was expensive and kind of ridiculous.

by the way, Im still not satisfied: http://amzn.com/w/1OZ8EBB92XWR7