My mind is blown.

Oh my god this is such a trip. This guy has the same first name as my boyfriend and he lives in the same city he grew up in. And look at what clip he bought! It got me thinking, what if my boyfriend really bought this clip? That would mean it was actually for me to watch, and I would be dominating myself. WHAT A MIND FUCK.

(And before you all jump to this conclusion, no, my boyfriend did not buy this clip. He is too busy in the other room pulling his hair out because the red skins are having a really bad season.)

Girlfriend domination
Looking for a christmas gift for your girlfriend? I got the perfect thing: this clip. No, this isnt for you loser, this is for the docile little doormat you call a girlfriend. You know, the one who bores you in the sack and equates using glow-in-the-dark condoms as "kinky sex." You know deep down she would probably like it if you dominated her but how can you when you so desperately want to be dominated yourself? Jesus, you both are so LAME. I got a better idea, buy this clip, change the name of it to your girlfriend’s so that next time her insecurities get the best of her and she snoops through your computer she will find it on "accident." I will make that bitch’s panties soak as I put her in her place: along side you, BELOW me, kissing my ass and licking my heels. I will tap into her deep sub side like you never could and have her worshiping me in no time. Are you ready for your special sweetie to share your addiction to me?