The latest…

Your addiction = my cash flow
I just cashed my clips4sale check from November – all $13,700 of it. I can’t help but rub it in your guy’s faces. Have you ever even seen this much money, loser?? This is probably how much you make in a year – and it’s only a percentage of what I made in 30 days. HA HA HA !! Keep slaving away and feeding that addiction boys – you’re making my life effortless.

Custom ruin part 2
Churl can’t get enough of my self destructive clips. Immediately after seeing my first one, he paid for ANOTHER. See me again as I walk him through painful cock and ball abuse. Punching himself repeatedly and squeezing out those tears. His pathetic life is mine, once he’s done abusing himself, I go straight for him money, killing his finances and rubbing it into him and his wife’s worthless faces.

Panty hose giantess
Me and my giantess self was putting on my ultra sheer panty hose when I felt a little rock in the foot of one of them. I take a look and realize that it wasnt actually a rock – but a tiny old man. Ugh! How weird. He must be a total pervert if he found his way into the foot of my panty hose. I take him out and decide to have a bit of fun with him before swallowing him whole

Blackmailing Steven
Steven L. was randomly picked out of the dozens who, in a moment of pure weakness, sent me highly sensitive information about themselves under the guidance of my interactive blackmail clip. You can see the email he sent me here. He told me all about his new fiancee, Chloe, who knows nothing (of course) about his secret desire to suck dick. Further more, Steven is a total wuss who’s too scared to suck the real thing so he practices on his dildos. Well guess what Steven? It’s time to step up your game. You better wet those lips and pucker up because Im going to turn you into my cock gobbling little whore. Scared? Too bad. Let’s face it, you really dont have a choice here, you wouldnt want Chloe to find out your a fag would you? Youre my bitch now, if you want the best of both worlds you better do as I say or lose them both.

Girlfriend domination
Looking for a christmas gift for your girlfriend? I got the perfect thing: this clip. No, this isnt for you loser, this is for the docile little doormat you call a girlfriend. You know, the one who bores you in the sack and equates using glow-in-the-dark condoms as "kinky sex." You know deep down she would probably like it if you dominated her but how can you when you so desperately want to be dominated yourself? Jesus, you both are so LAME. I got a better idea, buy this clip, change the name of it to your girlfriends so that next time when her insecurities get the best of her and she snoops through your computer she will find it on "accident." I will make that bitches panties soak as I put her in her place: along side you, BELOW me, kissing my ass and licking my heels. I will tap into her deep sub side like you never could and have her worshiping me in no time. Are you ready for your special sweetie to share your addiction to me?

"You so deserve to be number one Mistress you are amazing.

I have just bought your recent girl friend clip as instructed and renamed it as her name "Caz".

I really think she has potential to be a slave of yours, she walked in on me perving over your clips months ago…… heart dropped but all she said was "OO should have known it was her, I have known about these clips for months Nick but thanks for making me feel great" We chatted about it later and amongst some angst she admitted that you were hot and that she was paritculary in envy of your shoe collection.

Anyway I am not sure if you want too but her email address is carol***** maybe if you were to email her or get in touch and give her that little push she needs it will help her submit. I am hoping come Saturday she will know that all she is getting for her xmas present is one of your clips and both of our xmas budget will go on you.

Hope your having a good week.

humble slave Nick."

Tearing down your assets
So you think you’re powerful? Got it all figured out? Hmm, perhaps you have other people fooled, but Im not. No man is any match for me. I dont care how much youve accomplished in life, how much money you’ve earned for yourself, it takes just one woman to tear it all down: me. You’ve spent all your life building up valuable assets just to fall to your knees and beg me to tear them down.

Pay your debt mongloid
This is a special clip for the idiot mongloid who’s soooo desperate to be my best slave. He’s off to a fantastic start! Lying and bullshitting. Wow. You dug yourself quite a hole, mongloid, and you’re #1 priority should be to get yourself out of it. Youre in big debt to me and Im not impressed you your attempts to get out of it. And guess what? I have all your information, including your wife’s number, and even a lovely picture of you plastered on my blog for all to see. You better get your figured out. Who knows, I might get bored one day and want to have a little chat with the wifey.

Grossifying bitchface’s toothbrush
Bitchface was out running my errands when I decided to really fuck with him. You know, just for fun. I found his toothbrush in his backpack and went around doing the most disgusting things I could think to it. I scrubbed my dirty shoes, brushed in inside of the garbage, polished the food dish, dunked it in the toilet and even found a used condom in the trash to rub it up against. Later that day when he was sucking on my heels, I told him his breath stank and that he needed to go brush his teeth. Of course he complied, and right when he was done he had a fun little video to watch! The look of horror and disgust was priceless.

Eat my toenails!
Bitchface is around when I notice my toenails need clipping. You know what I hate? Finding those nasty clippings all over my place. Thats why bitchface is my human garbage disposal. Clip my cute little toenails one by one, and pop them into his mouth for a taste treat! MMMM! Like that loser?