Sunshine state

surprised that he actually got into it and had some degrading comments to throw in there. This is must have shit for cuckolds right here.

I stayed up until 4am since Im still on west coast time. Had my niteflirt lines on for the first time in god knows when and made some sweet green. Even had my free c4s live cam on for a little while which was dull as HELL. Maybe 5-6 losers there at any given time not saying shit. Wow, you guys really missed out. Free cam with me, Monique and Lyne. You’ll most likely have an opportunity later today though, as were collaborating a live ball bust with all of the girls (including christie luv) later today. It should basically be totally epic. Stay tuned…

Here are few freebies from yesterday…

Nice action shot from Danni’s first ball bust. This is great, she’s like a man crushing action figure.

Monique and Danni post ass worship clip.

Lyne lookin classy with her shiny plastic pants and glass of boxed wine, manipulating you wieners with her big feet.