I love New York!

I just spent my first night in New York – I am so in love with this city! Last night me and my girl went out to this amazing Belgium pub in Williamsburg and got clumsy on some fine ales. Today I took the train to Manhattan and did a ton of shopping, Im going to need to ship some stuff back home if I want to avoid those over weight luggage fees. Tonight Im looking to check out some local hip hop. East side baby! Tomorrow it’s play day with another girl friend of mine from high school who I havn’t seen in years. Just called her a second ago, she was trippin out over my website and told me she has a lot of guy friends who really want to meet me. Ha! Then on Friday I have a photo shoot with the fabulous miss Misa Martin, which will no doubt produce some incredible shots. Then Saturday… Who knows? More shopping? Ice skat — errr falling on my ass at the Rockefeller? A stroll around Central park? Im going to need a vacation from my vacation pretty soon.

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