The latest..

Kiss my feet
What would you give to press your lips against these thigh high pantyhose onto my smooth soles? It’s your new job to worship my feet. Nothing like sheer black hosiery wrapped around perfection. Kiss them, lick them, suck them. I am your idol.

Bubble yumm
Smacking and chewing. Blowing and popping. Seriously, how do you guys get off on this ? Watch me obnoxiously smack my gum and blow big sweet bubbles as I mock you for your weird-o fetish. I look so ridiculously cute and I’m in a bratty mood as usual. You bubble boys are going to be hooked. And I bet you’d pay a pretty penny for my chewed up wad.

You still can’t resist
So you managed to escape for a little while. Now you’re back to show me what a big man you are. Facing temptation just to prove to me you can resist…? Give me a break. 30 seconds into this clip and you will be right back where you were – entangled in my web. You can’t keep your eyes off of me, my words pierce you. Back to being the groveling slave you were meant to be in no time.