Best run on sentence

Tag team blackmail
Interactive blackmail fans rejoice! Princess Lyne has joined me in the remake of your destruction. Just gotten over the chill of sending that last email to me? Buy this clip and let the anxiety start all over again. If you thought my power was unbearable by itself, just wait until the Lyne persuasion is piled on top of it. Imagine, your most sensitive information in both of hands. How do you think we’d use it? Only 10 seemingly innocent minutes. See if you can get to the end without completely fucking yourself over.

Submit to our perfect asses
Perfect, toned, tan Lyne is back again with me to warp the minds of you ass boys. This clip is pure butt slut heaven. You’ll want to cut off your shins so you’ll be on your knees indefinitely, staring up at our glorious smooth asses. You know your place, and if you don’t, we are here to drill it into your head. It’s so easy to tease that mind of yours and then take complete control.

Feet in your loser face
Lyne’s size 10s and my size 8s are about to make you foot boys into sick little groveling bitches. Face it, you dream every night of worshiping our perfection but this is the closest you’ll ever get. Pucker up and kiss the screen, toe sucker. You live for this.

Giantess lunch time

Giantess Lyne and I have been infested lately with these tiny people. The little pests are everywhere! At first we are disgusted and annoyed, but pretty soon our curiosity gets the best of us and we start wondering what they taste like. To our surprise, they’re quite yummy. Hmmm, maybe theyre not such a drag after all. We tease the little runts by flashing our giant teeth, licking our giant lips and ask them if they want to get swallowed and eaten. It’s quite a thrill to hear their bones crush as we chew their helpless bodies and then chase them down with some fine red wine. We can even feel them digesting in our enormous stomachs. A perfect snack for two gorgeous giantesses.

Wanna fuck..? Oh wait, youre tiny!


Lyne and I take you home one day after going up. We always talked about how fun it would be to have a threesome and tonight we have just enough drinks in us to go for it! The gods must be smiling on you tonight because youre the lucky fuck! Were already to get it on when we see your little worm. Well, we sort of see it, but it looks like most of it is missing. Wow, who knew penises could be that small?? The sight of it is so sobering we begin to laugh at you for being so micro. Then on top of that, we find out youre a virgin as well! HAHAHA! Youre never going to hear the end of this one. We force you to jack off in front of us, encouraging and mocking you along the way.