Dear penthouse….

Went out on Friday night to meet up with some friends and ran into this loser. Yeah, that’s right, I’m getting recognized now. It was all anyone around me could do to hold back their giggles as this guy approached me outside and asked, "are you… Ceara?" He’s been a big fan of mine in the past, bought several of my verbal humiliation and foot videos, and even sent me a gift card for a pedicure at my favorite salon several months back. When he found out I lived in Portland, he tried to get me to meet him but that wasn’t going to happen and since scurried away when he couldnt buy much of my attention anymore. Well, looks like he got lucky tonight. I was in a generous mood and allowed him to buy me and my friends some drinks and then empty what was left in his wallet to lick my dirty bare feet for about 45 seconds around the corner. Ah the life of a celebritrix. Of course now I’m ridden with the sudden fear that I might be hanging out at places that losers goto. Fuck….