“Cearaism. I know that sounds corny and every domme has eventually reached to the very back of her closet and plucked out the worn “ism” shoved it to the ass end of their name and declared themselves a religion. Personally, after spending 18 years and some additional hard time living with jebus freaks, cearaism makes a whole lot more sense. First, the bible is a yawner. There isn’t a laugh in it. Wouldn’t god want to dispatch his wisdom in a delightfully breezy page turner that incidentally infused you with his wisdom by the end? I dare anyone to read Princess Ceara’s blog and not be engaged by the ongoing gripping tale that effortlessly educates the reader with many important lessons. Such as anyone who resists her has his spine turn limp as a body nailed to a cross, forks over huge portions of their net worth, and then goes stark raving mad.

God is kind of a loser. I mean the dude watches us all the time? That’s not only creepy but get a life bro. Ceara is often too busy lately to talk to us on niteflirt for 4.99 a minute.

God can turn water into wine. Ceara can turn trash into cash. That’s a push

What else. Christmas is bullshit. You want the joy of giving? Watch her clip “”interactive shopping”” and bust a nut when you hit the tribute button. It’s a lot better than shopping with a bunch of stress wracked housewives fighting for rights to buy some 100 dollar toy some brat will look at for 2 minutes and then throw onto his toy landfill at home.

God is an attention whore. What’s with the believe in me or else you are going to spend your life in eternal damnation? Gandhi was a hindu. So the christian god gave Gandhi a life sentence in the fiery pits of hell for having a different opinion? He doesn’t believe in killing each other but burning alive the bad ones forever is just peachy? Nobody even believes God’s lame threats of hell. You want real life or death consequences? Ask ceara to blackmail you. If you subsequently cross her, you may want to buy her “Die for me” clip.

All religion is blackmail. What they all encompass is giving yourself over altruistically and completely to an entity better than yourself. The only way you can do that in reality is if you take both your middle fingers, form them into a cross, shove them in jesus’s face. Watch ceara’s newest clip “religious blackmail”. Let it fill you with fanaticism; give over the last vestiges of your human dignity that keep you from complete devotion to her.”