moneyslavenyla: please mistress i want more
moneyslavenyla: BUZZ!!!
Ceara Lynch: Don’t ever buzz me.
moneyslavenyla: ok sorry
moneyslavenyla: i am very sorry mistress
moneyslavenyla: i gived you $100
moneyslavenyla: please can you humiliate me ??
moneyslavenyla: please
moneyslavenyla: please
moneyslavenyla: you are a bitch
moneyslavenyla: fuck you
moneyslavenyla: go suck your father
moneyslavenyla: BUZZ!!!
moneyslavenyla: mother fuck her
moneyslavenyla: BUZZ!!!

Haha.. Awesome.

I’ve been doing absolutely nothing today, nursing a hangover, watching the money pour in. Good to be me.