Lynch Mob

Forced sock smelling
Just finished a long work out and decided to torture one of my slaves. Bitchface has been really sick, fresh out of the hospital and hooked to an oxygen tank. Which do you think he’d rather inhale? My stinky socks? or the oxygen he so desperately needs? Only one way to find out! I smother his face with my stinky sweaty socks, forcing him to breath them deep.

Teasing you manhood
I am looking bombshell gorgeous in my tiny leopard bikini and you are so suddenly aware of your inadequacy. Let’s see what you have packing down there. Yeah? Pretty much like I expected. Little. Ugly. Worthless. Fuck your life. You think that’s good enough for me? The cock I crave is long, thick and satisfying. You’re just a lowly ant next to that sky high mountain. So go ahead bitch, jerk your little hand away. That’s is good as it’s going to get.

White boot worship
My boot bitches know a gem of a boot clip when they see one – and they know my clips are diamonds in the rough. Here’s another boot worship pov classic. You’re placed right where you rightfully belong, under me, mouth wrapped eagerly around the heel of my boot, sucking like the bitch you. I am wearing my sexy white leather boots, smirking at you with that one of a kind Lynch smile. Degrading the man you pretend to be and revealing the slave you are.

KiII your parents
So, you dont have a lot of money. But and daddy do. Hmm. What are we going to do about this? You’ve been worshipping me this long from afar, isn’t about time we take the next step? You know I dont look twice at subs who can’t pay, and you’re much too young and poor to tribute. Looks like the folks have got to go. They’ve done their job raising you already, right? They’d be better off gone, leaving their money to you, so you could insure my presence in your sad little life. Don’t worry, pup. I know you’re scared, but were going to get through this together. I have some very persuasive method in getting what I want. You can’t say no to me.

Taking your parents inheritance
So you did it. Murdered your parents and planted the weapon to make it look like a murderr-suicide. The inheritance is yours and we are only one signature away from surrendering it all to me. Oh, but what’s this? You’ve had a change of heart? You’re furious and can’t believe what you’ve done or the power I have over to you. You want to hate me, but you know you can’t. If I can make you weak enough to kiII your own parents, I can make you weak enough to regret nothing, and while your mind is spinning in sub space, sign on the dotted line.

Weak Men
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Custom clip: you in a very tight skirt or dress, pantyhose and heels, explaining in the video what you do to weak men like myself once they have contacted you, and you have hooked them. What’re your next steps in slowly weak men.

Blackmailed by ass
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Fans of my Interactive Blackmail clip are going to love this. Imagine surrendering all your most sensitive information, simply by the persuasion of my perfect ass. Your weakness is going to get you in trouble again, loser. Didnt you promise yourself not to get caught up in my little game? Too bad you can’t resist that mind blowing moving image to the right. You know you have to buy this clip, it’s going to be haunting your mind until you do… Just for a little thrill, right? Be careful what you wish for. 

Lick her asshole
No, you’re not dreaming. Mistress T and I standing above you, ready to use you like the slave you are. I decide to kick your training up a notch, forcing you to lick her sweaty asshole. Can you handle it? Your overeagerness might get you in trouble again. Keep your cool, loser, do a good job or else you wont be invited back. Maybe we need to go back on the training wheels, now pucker up and kiss my jeans. Check out more of the fetish goddess Mistress T’s clips here:

Forced foot smelling with pantyhose
This clips reached clips4sale’s top 10!

Im wearing skin tight sheer panty hose and black 4" heels. You are kneeling below me like the whimpering puppy you are. My feet are so smelly and sweaty and I force them in your face, ordering you to smell them. As usual, you can’t fight my natural dominance. Your submission is mine.

Cum eater in training
Custom clip: (Throughout the clip it’d be fantastic if you could use my sissy name and real name a few times). You look into the camera and say that you have a surprise for me, the viewer. You tell me that you have had three of your other loser slaves produce some gifts for me and then hold up a condom in front of the camera, swing it back and forth and laugh at the fact that I am getting a boner in my pink sissy panties. What kind of pervert gets a boner from thinking about eating other mens cum? You tell me I’m not worthy of real man cum yet though, I need to earn the privilege of eating cum from your lovers condoms, so instead I have to eat the spooge from your other slaves. The first condom you empty into my mouth and tell me not to swallow, but to hold it there and taste it. Then you bring out a second condom and inform me that this has to go up inside my ass. If I need to I can pour a little of it out on my fingers and use it to lube up my asshole. Once it is securely up there, you take out the final condom and tell me that this has to go onto my sorry excuse for a penis. Then I have to stroke my sissy stiffy for you while you laugh at me. You give me a cum countdown and I have to blow my load in the condom. Finally you take it from me and emtpy it in my mouth. Only now am I allowed to swallow. If I complete the task to your satisfaction, you call me a good sissy boy and say that maybe sometime in the future if I am lucky I can work my way up to disposing of your lovers condoms.

Home-wrecking ass queen
Custom clip request: "an ass worship and a home wrecker clip basically. you tell me that you know that I have lost all attraction to my girlfriend and I never want to have sex with her. you  laugh  at the fact that i am not etracted to my girlfreind any more and dont want to have sex with her – i always give here ecsuses not to have sex (i am tired, i dont feel good…) so that i can enjoy your clips. you tell me that its not surprising – and compare your perfect ass to her unfit one.  you laugh at the fact that she never wears g-string panties because it doesnt look good on her – but it looks perfect on you… you laugh at the fact that your ass cant leave my head all day. you tell me that i should be scared of you..i would realy like it if you could use my name a lot (yonatan) – so it would feal real personal. it would be great if you could wear a jeans with a g-sring panties stikking out – and during the clip take the jeans off."