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Home wrecking ass queen part 2
Custom clip: in the beginning you laugh at me for ordering so quickly the second custom clip – you explain how your perfect ass made me go tell me that in my situation i have 2 options – surrender to you – and continue watching your clips and ordering customs for the rest of my life, or try to resist – and your perfect ass will haunt me to insanity. you explain what insanity means – I will think of your ass all day- in work, with my family and friends, during the night –  i wont be able to focuse on anything except your ass – and lose my sanity. you tell me that its a shame that this is what has become of me when i am still a young man- in my twenties – I could live a normal life with my girlfriend but instead im all fucked up by your ass. You finish by telling me that when ever I feel that I’mm loosing it and don’t know what to do just imagine your perfect ass (as you spank it). it would be great if you could wear another g-string panties with a skirt or something like that on top.

Office time blackmail
You think you rule the world. Rich, successful, and all powerful. You treat your two gorgeous secretaries like sh-t just because you can. Well guess what, bitch? Your actions have consequences: You step into your office to find us, with our heels kicked up on your desk, hanging around like we own the place. And now, we do. We’ve been doing a little snooping, very surprised what we found. It seems you spend quite a bit of company time on some sick websites. Im sure your wife would love to hear about this (we found her number too by the way.) Looks like were calling the shots now huh bitch? Now why don’t you pull down your pants and amuse us by jerking your pin dick like we know you’ve always wanted to right in front of us. Don’t be surprised when our camera shoots out in the middle of your o-face. Haha, you fucking loser. Always thinking with your dick. I guess this will be as good a time as any to talk about the raise we will be getting.

Blackmailing Glenn
Custom clip request: i would love for you to be wearing those sick boots and the nude stockings with black seams and tops. wow! you could make like the interactive blackmail clip, but demanding i send you my full name, home phone, cell number, email, then pausing for effect since i will already have sent it to you before making the clip. hearing you laugh at how you now have me trapped and will exploit and blackmail me. telling your girlfriends while you make me lick up you spit and flip me off.

Human trash
Custom clip request: you make me your personal trash can. you know i am hopelessly in love with you but your a beautiful princess and i am a ugly old man……. you make a deal with me, i give you all i own and sign over my life insurance and in turn i can serve you as your personal slave trash can. you then proceed to use me as your trash can, spitting on me, picking your nose or blowing it into a snot rag and making me eat it, condoms, toe nails, whatever you can come up with but no tampons please(too disgusting for me to stomach) and then finally hair from your hair brush, as you command me to eat it you see me start to choke on the hair ball and tell me to choke on it and die, as i lay there choking you tell me good now i can collect on your life insurance……………… blow kiss goodbye as choke on your hair ball…………….. please add to it and shoot mostly close up of your face and point of view as if i were right below you.

Smoke time seduction
Sit down, mouth open, I need an ashtray and you’re just the bitch to act like one. I love to watch your eyes well up and water as I blow smoke in your face. But treating you as an object for my benefit isn’t amusing enough for me. I want to torture you as well. I want to see how well you can keep your form as I playfully move the cigarette, ember first, in your pathetic face. Wanna get burned, bitch? Let me hear you beg for it.