An introduction

So, I’ve decided to make a new blog.

Oddly enough, this is actually a very old blog I just rediscovered when attempting starting anew. Notice the classic Lynch entry below this one from 2007? Charming eh? I almost deleted it, but the irony is worth appreciating for what I’m about to do here.

I’ve actually been an avid blogger since I was 12 years old . I used to write quite candidly about my life to anyone with access to the internet. However, when I first discovered the money scheming potential in acting like a ruthless bitch to horny deviants online, I consciously chose to separated much of myself from my regular entries in order to keep it femdom-specific. It served both privacy and business reasons, but as a result, I gave up a multitude of topics that I used to write about. This was okay; for a while. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make because I believed my work was contingent upon keeping up with appearances. And it probably was.

A lot has changed since then. For one, I have a whole lot less to prove. After 5 years, 600+ clips, countless cam shows, I’ve made my mark. Unless your new here or uninterested in hot girls who get paid to hurt your feelings, you probably know who I am and already formed an opinion.  Secondly, limiting myself to only writing about perverted men and the predictable things I do to them was becoming a mind numbingly tedious chore I often avoided as oppose to the joy and cathartic release writing freely often provides me. And thirdly, I’ve grown to a place where I’m far less concern about putting myself out there. Or rather, coming to realize I did that a long time ago anyway.

This blog won’t be unlike my last one, just a lot more too it. I won’t be abandoning topics like fetish or domination, rather, I’d like to write about them more fully and without exaggeration or hyperbole. To those of you who watched my Q&A “Ask Lynch” series, that should give you an ideas of the direction I’m headed here. This blog will be a place for my sincere views on whatever topic I choose to write about and less of an ongoing attempt to entice you into buying my products or services. Although I predict it’ll easily serve that purpose as well for those of you who are intrigued by not just the fantasy I create but the reality behind it.

I could have just created a separate blog, but nothing public can really be kept separate online. I could have made it private, but I’m much too self centered to give up the validation of an audience. So here we are. Lynch 2.0. My vapid, one-dimensional persona has run it’s course. All that’s left is everything else.

15 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. SHANE

    its about time you changed …5 years is way too long to be doing the same act… all i ever wanted to see was your BIG ass..the rest was bullshit….tongue kiss to u baby…

  2. C

    “My vapid, one-dimensional persona has run its course.”

    If you perpetuated it, and filled that role. Were you not a vapid, one-dimensional person at that instance of time?

  3. Mohamed

    You are saying there is more into you than just hurting boys for money and being that pretty and attractive… i think yes as some of your fetish specifc entries on your other blogs and i think womenrule suggest that however are you sure that away from fetish you remain the same interesting person, i do hope so for it would be shame if you are not:) i’ve been around for so long and for all that is worth you and Kyaa always struck me as different somehow… currently i am having a quit phase… possible switch of to deep fantasy and fetish life and it would be nice to know you on a different level and maybe get you to help me to get over myself:)

      1. not tacky/just lackey to PCL

        of course you don’t care about anything except cash and gash
        or do you appreciate a good long wide one if it is attached to one
        that worships your skin and brains and yet has a mind of it’s own
        an added value for the PCL cause, If things and fetishes can’t change I am a monkey’s uncle.

  4. womenrule

    Congrats on Your new blog and am looking forward to Your entries and thoughts. Your writing style is superb.

  5. Mohamed

    Exactly…. The ball busting bitch remains one regardless to what she is blogging about, lol

  6. Stevejob

    You are the most beautiful and awesome girl in this whole scene. I love you. The little brinks of the “real” you, that we can filter out of your moneydom-persona. Like when you did this video with Monique for this socalled extreme-board.. just saw it again by accident and laughed with you two, lol. Keep it up!

  7. PCL's servant knight

    imagine the children you would or will choose to raise, intensely and commandingly beautiful and strong and tenacious beyond any comparison,
    willing to allow any weaker organisms to sacrifice anything for them. your physical attributes, your spiritual attributes and your raw intelligence are in
    league of their won. brutally elegant and exceedingly winning. you inspire me to go on. thank you.

  8. Anodyne

    As with any good “fictional” character, the interested reader ponders the relationship between the author and her invention. (See, for example, Philip Roth.) I love the character but welcome the opportunity to learn more about the author, about whom it’s hard not to be curious (but probably easy to be fooled).

  9. peter

    chose to separated
    Unless your new
    as oppose to
    I’m far less concern about
    you an ideas of the direction
    run it’s course

    chose to separate
    Unless you’re new
    as opposed to
    I’m far less concerned about
    you an idea of the direction
    run its course

    I’m looking forward to this, your insight shines through in posts where you have given yourself free rein. Do you have a vacancy for a proof reader?


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