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LA Bound!

Monique and I are headed to LA March 23rd-26th to shoot for Team Tease and guess what? 

We are on the hunt for film slaves.

That's right bitches. Once again I am opening the door of opportunity for a lucky slave to serve us on film. Many of you know what happened the last time I made a casting call like this. One lucky slave went to hog fucking heaven (http://slave2vegas.livejournal.com/) while the rest of you dolts drooled with envy. Well here's your second chance. Myself, Monique and a select few of the team tease gang will be using our future film slave in videos involving foot/shoe worship, spitting, face sitting, leash training, dildo sucking, trampling and ball busting. Think you fit the bill? Here are your requirements;


-Be willing to sign a model release
-Be willing to appear on camera unmasked
-Pay a $300 non refundable deposit
-Not be a total creep


1. "YOU MUST" means non-negotiable. 

2. When you apply, know that we don't really give two shits what you're "into." This time it really isn't about you. The purpose of being a film slave is to be used as we deem most appropriate and profitable forus. In other words, tell us what you're willing to do, not what your dick wants to do.

3. Evidence that you are applying for this position with both hands on the keyboard will earn you a lot of points in the "not a total creep" department. In other words, be respectful, be articulate, be conscious of grammar/spelling, proof read, and most importantly; demonstrate that you actually read the casting call and understand what's expected of you.

4. Initiating interest via twitter or yahoo messenger will not get you very far. I cannot judge whether or not you'd be a worthy candidate in 140 characters or less, nor do I want to be forced to discuss details when I am actively working and sessioning with others. EMAIL IT.

Aspiring losers can email me with your application at: contact@cearalynch.com