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Benny the Sock Boy

Benny bought a 10-minute cam show on Skype last night. He’s pretty easy to please: likes looking at my socks and having me describe how dirty they are.

He sat in his empty room, naked, camera pointed from the chest up. When weren’t talking he’d stare off like he was deep in thought. Not slack jawed and drooling like most guys I watch masturbate, but rather calm and neutral. I could barely tell he was touching himself. When he came he made no noise. Didn’t shudder, didn’t blink.

He spoke in a slow, dopey voice, which at first made me think he wasn’t too bright. But then he would go off on an some random tangent that made me think he actually has a unique depth.

There’s something a little off about him, but I like him. I think he might have aspergers. I wish he’d buy cam more often because I find him so unintentionally funny and interesting.

Photo 399

Me: You look like you’re in a trance.

Him: I’ve been meditating lately and it helps my orgasms

Me: Oh yeah? How does it help them?

Him: I don’t know it just puts me in a more relaxed state and helps my parasympathetic nervous system take over. The parasympathetic nervous system is involved in orgasms and sexual behavior.

Me: So do they last longer? Feel better?

Him: They feel better. More intense… I was watching a lot of videos related to quantum physics and unified field theory, which is described in string theory. And um, they also say that you can access the unified field, which is the basis of what, um…. subtonic particles arise from. Through meditation.

Me: Oh yeah?

Him: Supposedly. I think it’s a leap of faith, honestly, because science could never prove that. But I just go with that supposition and mediate with the intention of accessing the unified field theory of creativity and consciousness.

Me: And then you blow an awesome load?

Him: And then when I’m done I go jerk off.

Me: That’s cool. You’re like a wanking guru.

Him: I’m desensitized from so much jerking off.

Me: How often do you jerk off?

Him: Like 3 times a day at least

Me: Yeah that’s pretty excessive. Do you ever take a break?

Him: Yeah and when I do I always have really intense orgasms and blow huge loads. But I can’t take a break. That’s; the problem. Its part of my daily rhythm. Eat, sleep, masturbate, study, work… I don’t really try to pick up women for the real thing that often. I used to. I’d score occasionally. I just don’t really give a fuck anymore, about like, having a real relationship or anything. Im just…. content with myself.

Me: Well, that’s what’s most important. That, and being my little sock bitch.

Him: Yeah, I like being your little sock bitch too!

[I smile and wiggle my toes]

Him: I did come already I hope that’s cool.

Me: That’s fine. I didn’t even notice. You’re quiet.

Him: Yeah I’m really quiet.

Me: What are you going to do now?

Him: Hump my pillow and go to sleep.

Me: You have fun with that.

Him: Thanks.

Photo 405