Sup fags?

Miss Me? It’s been a while since My last update. But as most of you probably know giving you fags an update on my life is low on my list of Princess priorities. But I have some good news, after nearly a month of having my niteflirt listings on HOLD for some stupid rule I was apparently breaking, they’re back up again! I even made a new listings especially for you losers with exceptionally poor social skills who wish so so badly that you could call and talk to Me without pissing yourself. Have you figured it out yet? AN IGNORE LINE! It’s going to be fanatastic. I’ll more than likely be saving it for when I go out with my friends so you can pay to hear the background noises of the bar I’m at. Hahahaha!!

Oh yeah, and I also made a talksugar account for you creeps who use it. There’s some sample clips of My voice in there as well. Check it all out here:

Okay, onto more important matters: My birthday!! It’s coming up in less than a month and I’m going to be 21!! As you know this is a BIG deal. Not because I’m 21 (I’ve had a fake ID since I was 19), but because it’s MY birthday. I expect all you little paypigs to be workin’ your little curly tails off these next couple weeks so you can buy Me something awesome and expensive. I’ll be making a wishlist of My 10 ten most wanted gifts in the next couple days, but in the mean time you can get some ideas off My amazon wish list. Mark your calendars, losers! JULY 22!