Birthday Wishlist

Hi micro-dicks. As promised I compiled My birthday wishlist so you losers can have a better idea of what to get Me this year. DONT FORGET! It’s July 22nd so you might want to start ordering now.

1. Pink Laptop Intel® Core™2 Duo T5200 Deluxe Notebook
2. 24 5seasons Jack Bauer is more man than your loser-mind can comprehend.
3. Nintendo Wii Pay so I can play
4. Flat LCD monitor V7 R19WPS 19″
5. New webcam Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition
6. New sneakers Reebok The Scarlett Retro Aztec size 8.5
7. Massage chair Comfort products 60-5298 four motor massage
8. Nintendo DS Lite PINK buy a game too.
9. Forever 21 gift card no less than $100, loser!
10. MONEY!! tribute tribute tribute

I’m also accepting drink tributes for those of you too worthless to buy Me something off My list. You must have a niteflirt/keen account. I’m planning on having My phone line on as well when I go out so you pathetic morons can sit at home alone and pay money to wish Me a happy birthday, HAHAHA!!